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With many artist friends against such schemes, who won't self-promote, whose focus is creating art, I coded Traktomizer (, which identifies a Premaster's greatest strengths and weaknesses, by mimicking Spotify, suggesting critical tweaks - before publishing. My first user had their song charting at #18 in the Official European Independent Top 20- Artists can achieve higher rankings automatically by better understanding the impact of audio features like danceability, energy, valence, loudness, etc- so their releases are predisposed for maximum organic plays, long-term growth and profit.
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Fascinating and informative! Traktomizer, AI I have been coding since 2014, mimics Spotify-bot to provide artists premaster chartability prediction including minimum audio tweaks req. for maximum gain. I also made a free online version and welcome you to try it over at For Telegram users I scripted a bot at, which, given a prerelease song, will figure out the top 15 genres worth mentioning in promotions. My first user, DyNamiK Records, Ireland, got their song charting at #18 in the Official European Independent Top 20.
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Sep 4, 2018