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Mark Traphagen
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John, you and I are old enough to remember the Mission Impossible TV series (forget the movies, which had little to do with the TV shows). About 2/3 of the way through Inception I realized I was watching the ultimate Mission Impossible episode. If you think of the basic outline of every MI episode, you'll see the parallels. The MI team leader got an assignment that almost always involved getting some powerful person (often a third world dictator) to behave in a way or make a decision that he normally would not make. A team was carefully assembled, each member with a specialized skill. The team holds brainstorming sessions in which an elaborate ruse is constructed, usually involving construction of detailed sets and personal disguises. The target is chloroformed and wakes up in the constructed world, where the team puts on an elaborate psychodrama that inevitably leads the target to make the desired choice, thinking it to be his own. Inception simply takes this into the dream world and ups the special effects budget. By the way, if you have a full-size IMAX screen in your city, this is one movie worth paying the extra to see there.
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Jul 23, 2010