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Have you visited Spiegel Grove in Fremont? It is the Hayes home and Presidential library. It recently underwent quite a bit of renovations and is beautiful. My husband and I enjoyed a tour a couple weeks ago and I was very impressed.
I've enjoyed reading your series on Maumee Bay State Park. I've never been there and I'm only a short trip away! You've given me ideas of what to do when and if I do make it. :)
I loved reading your post. The Carrousel is minutes from my home and one of our favorite local attractions. My children have grown up with weekends at the carrousel and as teenagers still love to pop in from time to time for a quick visit. Last week I took my one year old nephew for his very first carrousel ride. I have no doubt that he will love it as he grows bigger too. Love your pictures! You got some great ones!
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2012 on Ohio's Richland Carrousel Park at Midwest Guest
My favorite memory was when my parents' rented a cabin near Marblehead before I went to school. The vacation didn't quite turn out how everyone expected- it rained nearly the entire time but we made the best of it. We play games and an ocassional walk along the shore when the weather broke.
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Jul 20, 2012