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One thing that I learned in my "Big 4" days is two words - "be present". From then on, my attitude to many things in life changed, for good. I've enjoyed all of the posts that I've read so far, Syd. Looks like it will be a while before I get to my "to dos". :-)
I realize that I may be digressing and thought I'd still share my thoughts. I figure you can always delete it: Aren't we (the society for the most part) used to identify a person through his/her work/title, etc.? This leads to the rat race of achieving the "success" in other people's eyes, i.e., again, the title, the money, etc. No where in there is recognition for "who" that person is, and what great qualities/integrity that person holds. Then, we (are surprised to) see people in "important positions" being caught doing things of low moral value. As I always say, you get what you reward. Kudos to the ones that listen to their heart and insist on doing the "right things" regardless of the "rewards".
Syd, I realized that it's been almost 3 years since your set out for the path to pursue true happiness in your life. Therefore, my response to this post can be quite delayed. :-) I can't relate more on the feeling toward retirement. I completely agree with you on "life is short and so you should try and make the life for yourself that you really want, not the one others think you should live." and "Life can be too short to wait until later to do the things you would really like and are able to do now.". Great job for living the life that YOU'd want! I'm a CPA in the late 30s and doing the same thing - designing my life/time the way that it fits my vision of life and I'm enjoying it. is now following The Typepad Team
Jul 1, 2010