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I agree more with White’s reasons for why college is still worth it because she presents her views with less bias than Ungar does. Since Ungar is the president of a liberal arts college all of her views are simply to promote her college so more students will apply. While White is part of Georgetown University her views are still less bias because she is not in charge of any particular academic club so she does not profit from the university profiting. In addition, White offers some key facts through the use of graphs that greatly impact the significance of her findings. I strongly agree with the fact that a recent graduate from college is able to make more money than a recent high school graduate who has a lot of work experience. I feel as though employers look at the time a person spent in college as learning experience. Employers take this into consideration when they hire employees because this learning experience shows a sense of perseverance in a person that employers feel is a necessary trait for people to have. is now following The Typepad Team
Oct 13, 2016