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JC Penneys and Kirklands
I like the kid-safe web browser traymona[at]
I like the Supertips markers.
I like the Lily Water Fountain. traymona[at]
I'm an email subscriber. traymona[at]
I'm an email subscriber. traymona[at]
I love the elf, Eyela. traymona[at]
I'm a FB fan-tracey byram. The biggest mess the kids ever made was finding a can of old paint and painted everything in sight including themselves. I like that the Versavac converts from vacuuum to steam mop. traymona[at]
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2012 on Have Messy Kids Met Their Match? at Mommy Shorts
I like soft pretzels smeared with cream cheese.
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I would get the Metal Detector for my grandson. traymona[at]
We just had our hallway retiled and now need to paint. traymona(at)
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I hate to see summer ending but I won´t miss the heat. traymona(at)
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I´d call England and tell Kate Middleton to put on some weight. traymona(at)
Liz would want to call Jack Black and have him sing Master Exploder for her. traymona(at)
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2011 on Anybody want an iPad 2? at Mommy Shorts
I like my roses and gardenias. They make my yard colorful and fragrant. traymona[at]
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I want to go to outer space to escape my evil mother-in-law, my cheatin' husband, my ungrateful kids, my whiny grandchildren and the freakin' barking dog next door. Wait, is outer space far ENOUGH away? I also lost my mind and I've looked everywhere BUT space. Maybe it's there.