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I've never done such a "random" sized block quilt (quite honestly, have known only 1 gal who has and hers turned out amazing!!!!!) but I can see some distinct advantages to the "make any block/any size/any fabric" idea. To often, the requested size block is a tad under-sized, or some such, and dealing with a stack like that can be a bit frustrating. Your quilt is gorgeous!!!!
This is awesome.....I haven't done a ton of paper piecing but this one really looks interesting (your blocks have got me "hooked"). Doing a test block is one thing I've not done. Historically, it's worked out to lay the pieces on the cutting table and work through the possibilities in my head. Your corner blocks (stripes) make all the difference positioned the way they are!! Love it!
Love that background piece. It reminds me of a linen with the shirtings. The pattern lends itself so well to the fabrics chosen. I have had a Sweet Sixteen for 14 months and can't imagine being without it!!! It has made my quilting moments pure bliss!!! Hugs..........
Your post is so perfectly timed!! My brother/SIL (Woodbury/St.Paul) have friends from Ireland visiting and he just e-mailed me for some quilt shops to visit (the gal is a quilter....yay!). I had responded with the White Bear Lake shops and especially Roseann's place. Then I saw your Fb post and sent along your blog link! (Sigh) Next time it will be priority 1 for me (I don't have a grandson graduating until next year so that won't be a conflict!!! Hugs......
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2013 on Rosebud's Cottage at Peas In A Pod
You all have had quite the time of it!! Hopefully that's your turn....for the whole year!!!!! (or more!???) I love the look of the linen. Turned out so charming. Internet shopping is the best (next to the 'real' thing with friends, which I hope comes up in the future, hmmmmm?????). Hugs and blessings to you, dear bloggy friend.....
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2013 on E-Reader Cover--Pattern Review at Peas In A Pod
You have definitely gotten the rug hooking 'bug'! That shop looks to be a super cute one!! Could spend may hours and $$$ there!! Hugs, Doreen
Toggle Commented May 10, 2013 on "Hooking" at The Hen House at Peas In A Pod
Snowglobes are the dreamiest!!! So glad Christmas comes in July this year!!!! Your line is so sweet and certainly captures the gentle happy feeling of a home-themed Christmas. A purchase is definitely in my future!!
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2012 on Cherry Christmas!!!!!!! at comfortstitching
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Your sweet daughter makes a superb quilt elf and, yes, my eyes do struggle to see the "m" amidst the pinwheels!! Lovely fresh Springtime quilt (Spring is the time for weather system battles here, too. Very cool and many rain filled days!). Lovely pics. Hugs, Doreen
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2012 on delightful quilt at comfortstitching
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Hot pads have been my "go to" gift for quite a while. We all have/need them and never seem to want to purchase them cuz they are fairly expensive. I seem to have to force myself to throw them away even though they have reached a pretty bad condition!!! I wonder why is that!?! Yours are darling!!!
Toggle Commented Apr 24, 2012 on hold those pots at comfortstitching
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Love it! It might need a cute little cup and plate of little cakes to go with it. Maybe the 3 items in a narrow runner that can be put beneath your cupboard? Darling table area, too! Will keep a watch to see what comes next. Pour that tea! I haven't done much paper piecing. Really haven't found that 'special something' I just HAD to do! Maybe now I have!!! Hugs, Doreen
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2012 on kettle at comfortstitching
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Great post, Emma! Now that you have gotten your "feet wet", I hope we can 'hear' more from you, hmmmmmmmm? Hubby and I have been praying for you all since first reading about your mom many months ago. We will continue to lift you all up before His throne daily. Blessings and hugs from S.E. MN~~~~God's Country (as the locals call this area!-) Doreen
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2012 on my new project/spring is here at Joanne Heim
FOUND IT!!!!! Barnes & Noble Booksellers (U.S.) has a big stack of issues (at least they do in La Crosse,WI!!!). My evening read tonight....yay!!
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2012 on cover star at comfortstitching
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How wonderful!! Will head for my (relatively) local Barnes & Noble Book Store this weekend!! Your 'sweet pillows' have been the object of my admiration for quite some time (my house is filled with pillows but yours are so special, made with all that beautiful "Aneela" fabric!!! I am so happy for you! Enjoy your 'star gazing'! Hehe! Congratulatory hugs sent your way! Doreen
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2012 on cover star at comfortstitching
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Sigh, I don't remember 32!!! Ha! Lovely, yummy cake! Happy B'day! Hugs, Doreen
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2012 on A Sweet Birthday Treat at Hawthorne Threads Blog
Super HUGE CONGRATS!!!!!! Everyone else is finally recognizing what I saw a long time ago....your designs/creativity is so very special (and so are you;-) Will be picking up that issue next time I'm in town cuz now I have a published friend!!! Yay! Happy Hugs coming your way, Doreen
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I really concur with Hildy! It seems my mind is in 'overtime' 2-3 weeks before Christmas with ideas I canNOT even count! Have always wondered where they all were in July! LOL! Wonderful quilt and really like that quilting pattern. Great job! Doreen
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2011 on a quilt in time at comfortstitching
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I so understand this 'overload' thing! Drifting off to sleep most nights requires a real effort to "shut off" all the wonderful ideas/projects whirling in my head!! If all those little(?) ideas were to become reality by morning my home couldn't begin to hold them!! Although it can feel a bit overwhelming it is such a wonderful gift and blessing. I tell myself to 'relax and enjoy', savor the moment! Blessings to you, my creative blog friend. Hugs, Doreen
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2011 on overload at comfortstitching
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And your "pillow family" grows larger! Love both of those additions!!!
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2011 on marshmallow at comfortstitching
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Refreshingly (a word??) sweet and simple. Really do like your quilting. Lately most all the quilts I have seen (shows,etc.) are almost over machine quilted. Some are even 'stiff' with quilted stitches! When I come across a quilt like this I take a breath, relax and enjoy what I remember to be the days when hand quilting was being done. Thank you for your lovely post and all those creative ideas that float around in your talented head;-b! Doreen
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2011 on sugar drop at comfortstitching
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Each new line just gets better and better. You have definitely captured the imagination of many of us!!! Love those 'layer cakes' and would love to give one of yours a good home:-D Doreen
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Love that you joined the strips with straight seams. Definitely 'fits' the fabric you used! Am doing 2 of this type in the coming days. Doreen
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2011 on Cherry Lasagna at Blackberry Creek Home Arts
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I couldn't agree more with your beautiful sharing! Marriage must have a commitment to that which is "larger" than the individuals (that "larger" thing is the marriage itself) so when difficulties/challenges come that determination to commit overrides anything else and the work to repair the differences becomes the priority.DH and I have been married 43 years and have both entered the 'retirement' chapter of our friends!
Toggle Commented May 18, 2011 on Humdrum Hump Day at Blackberry Creek Home Arts
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DH and I have been daily praying for you and your family and will continue to do so!! Rejoicing on your progress!
Your fabric lines just get better and better! I love them ALL! Especially with a great grand daughter on the way, my 'idea cup runeth over'!!-)
Toggle Commented Apr 25, 2011 on little apples pre-cuts at comfortstitching
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My great grand daughter is due in June/July and this will make a perfect fabric grouping for a fun quilt for her. Have purchased the 'Pips',also. Love both!!! much excitement here for the new line. Thank you so much~!
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2011 on little apples!!!!!!!!!!! at comfortstitching
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