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Sorry, my first point was to stress how contingent any worldview's influence is on politics, whose currents pull in many directions at once. Most agree neoliberalism thrived in the '80s – or had a pulse, at least – yet it would've fared as miserably then as now in a battery of contradiction tests.
Toggle Commented Oct 26, 2011 on the neoliberal corpse at potlatch
Politics in living practice is such that you should always be surrounded by evidence that a worldview is dead, dying, or on the wane. Who dares touch the minimum wage? When last did regulators or public planners fall in number or kind? Wasn't it Reagan who pushed export quotas on Japanese automakers? And taxed and spent through much of the '80s? That you see much space between nudgers and Hayekians, though, tells me something about what impact neoliberalism continues to have on the range of viable worldviews.
Toggle Commented Oct 22, 2011 on the neoliberal corpse at potlatch
Matt's sudden pivot from the Holocaust Museum story to "'beep beep' or 'meep meep'" is one of public speaking's greater moments.
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Supporting figures sketched on graph paper should be a rule for all blog posts everywhere starting now.
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Robert Bork? Orc.
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