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everyday when im stressed @ work, i log on to this site to get the stress off. i laugh @ almost everything that you all the same people have to say to one another. lts get serious for ones. africans what do you value, life or property? even if one student was killed and 10 hummers as i hear that is what they drive now in cameroon, or benzes or what ever kind of car was burn down how is that car equal to a human life. im ashamed of anybody who has siad anything related to they shouldn't have destroyed any property. is there any country where there are no riots. even in america, there are riots everyday. how many do u hear they have killed. if these people are called riot police why are the carrying loaded guns for crying out loud. a strike could either go peace or a fight might ensure which ever be the case. people are not to be killed. we really are barberians. the police needs to be hold accountable, which is not something that will be happening anytime soon. i have written here a few times as what i enjoy most is just reading. cameroon is the only country which has a problem and goes crying at the Un and every other organization, nothing and i say nothing will ever happen. we need to stand up pick up what ever we have and fight still the last one of us is standing then they can now take our country. but if there is any one of you who thinks diplomacy will ever bring peace to cameroon, i have something for you. do you ever think about what will happen if that popol man dies of leave office, iraq nova start. watch. every african country that final is enjoying some degree of democracy had to stand up and fight oh not cameroon. we have doctors and professors,engineers, thesse people are not soliders they are all corrupted, and that is why you cannot tell who is CPDM or SDF these days. if we had solders at the fore front or Marines as the americans would have it. kick as now and ask questions later. that is what needs to be done. nothing will ever be right if people see some right in killing people caused the destroed property. there is no insurance in cameroon but im sure all those cars have been replaced with even newer models. but them bodies are laying in the hospital my two cent
i really don't know why everyday you all cry over the same thing. cameroon is what it is. me you and every one else who can't do nothing differnt is just like the rest of them that say 'le cameroon cest le cameroon'. i had plan to start a small biz in cameroon but what the hell after talking to a few ghanian friends i decided to start in ghana. i must tell u it is a dream come true. you all my call me as an african american will call a sista who marries outsied her race as a sellout. what matters is i don't care about people who don't care about me. if i could i'll bring every english speaking cameroon out of cameroon to the states, even those who don't wnat to come i'll force them out. we'll be like this hispanic people over here, they might even give us a name but at the end of the day we all are living better than before. too much talk i have said it and im saying it again will never get biya out of power. you all are just rtrying to show us your level of education which at this time we really don't need. i say we need action. if someone was to start a coup then u can count me in. but to sit here and write long literature aboout biya this biya that. screw that. we have been talking for tha tpast two decades and we are still here talkin. "trop parler cest maladie"