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Mar 15, 2010
Hey Bruce, Great question! The best thing to do is visit your local Trek dealer. Bike fit is a tricky science involving standover, inseam, reach, and a few other variables. It also depends on what bike you're interested in. My advice would be to ask a trained pro and have the bike you're interested in right there to use as a reference. Good luck!
ARJ- I would love to shoot a smaller bike town but one of the things our shoot cities must have is diversity in landscapes. We shoot between 8-10 different bicycle categories and in order to stay true to their diverse flavors, we have to shoot in a "target rich" environment. That being said, I'm told that Bangor, Maine and Davis, CA are great bike cities with pleasing aesthetics. Madison, WI is a town very much like we're talking about but i live there so maybe i'm biased.