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Aussie intraday futures trader based in Melbourne.
Interests: money, trading, big business, small business, tech, food…, cycling
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Jkw interesting comments. I will try the same for a Wednesday-Tuesday week so we can see.
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Mar 15, 2010
I'm not surprised about the weekly highs on Fridays. You often see 5 day patterns lasting throughout the week.
If so why do people trade mini-micro accounts hoping to make it then? The equation required for success, Income from Sales > Cost of expenses. Is massively against them, in fact completely reversed. Do they know that?
Ryan. What is sitting in the DOM is of very little interest to me. What I'm interested in is what side is hitting @ market and what side is refreshing orders. My comment is about taking entries against the last movement, having someone else pay the spread for my entry.
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I collect it myself from the EOD OHLC data then put it into a Access Database to run queries like this one. Not much data available ready made for the Aussie market unfortunately.
OMG. That's exactly my point. The reason newbies think its moves so much is because of the leverage. As a PERCENTAGE range they don't move much. To get meaningful P&L moves you have to use large LEVERAGE. If FX traders had to trade risk adjusted they would all be broke in a month.
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I wasted 2 minutes of my live running the GBPJPY & GDPCHF daily range stats as per the fools suggestion and I was spot on. People think they are trading something with large volatile % moves but they are as per usual clueless and even more dangerous, think they are knowledgeable. And as always not even smart enough to check before they open their mouth. GBP/CHF daily Range 0.89%!! GBP/JPY daily Range 1.35% They don't even get close to Equity indexes.
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Sep 26, 2009
Nah mate. joke :p
I would guess his talking about the ES. IB is $2 per side.
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