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Hey now...linoleum is big in my historic neighborhood where it was originally used in kitchens and bathrooms. Small expanses. Here in L.A. there is a store by the name of Linoleum City with lovely deco designs and nifty checkerboard patterns. I do recall staring at brown lino in elementary school hoping for the answer to magically appear when the teacher was grilling us. I believe the sanitary factor (think kids throwing up or otherwise) in school settings was a big plus. That and durability.
To answer your question, John, I think a great deal of pleasure would be lost. And sadly, eventually, kids would not even know what they were missing. I do like the idea of fluffy skinz as an inadequate consolation prize.
I love my Kindle. But make no mistake, it will never take the place of a book. It is merely a convenience-not so much a pleasure as books always are. I would have to be holding a book in my hand when reading to a child--how else would I use my thumb to hold a page while we flipped back to take another look at a picture several pages ago? That would never be possible or desirable on a Kindle.
Dear Patti, I hope that the moment that Emma walks across that stage in that cap and gown will be one that you never forget . Your heart will swell and feel like it's going to burst. Enjoy that moment because it makes up for all the spilled juice, the snotty noses, undone homework-you know,-you can fill in the rest. As mothers, our children are never just what they seem in the moment-they are always a two year old to us, or a 7 year old or a teen. They are all the stages of their lives. It's rather remarkable, isn't it?
Oh dear, oh dear. Birds. This line of Mary Oliver's about swans makes me swoon: "...An armful of white blossoms, A perfect commotion of silk and linen as it leaned..." I dream of creating a book with a white fluttery cover that has this poem in it. Meanwhile, thanks for the introduction to this poem of hers that is new to me. Given a little time, the line about the woman's hair might inspire a black book cover to go with the white one. Ah-inspiration.
"Nursing a few fingers of whiskey" Ah, the key to writing and editing successfully!
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And faith in each other. I'm so happy to do this. I've had Angela in my thoughts since last week and this is a beautiful way to continue to think of her. She will feel the healing power of love, I'm sure of it.
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I'm right there with you, Patti. Lately buying smaller amounts of high quality fruits and vegetables. I ask myself: Am I eating for fuel or fun? Am I eating for fuel or frustration? Am I hungry or happy? or unhappy? That said, I think it is ok to eat delicious special treats from time to time and to really enjoy them when you do. You know which ones I mean! P.S. the part about the strawberry pie, oh dear, dear Patti, that saddens me too.
People knew how to pose back in those days, don't you think? Or perhaps it was the photographers who had the knack for making the shots fun and interesting--like the tap line-up. Don't they teach that in photog school nowadays?
Fun post. In the 2nd illustration, someone has left the darn toilet seat up! And-after much scrutiny, I cannot tell if the toilet paper is installed 'under' or 'over'. Otherwise, I'd fret over that too.
Lovely idea, John. Makes me think of my husband tearing bark from a white birch yesterday. (I requested it for a book I'm making). I watched this snowy scene from the window of a warm house but I'd swear I heard a thin papery sound as he peeled the bark from the tree.
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Feb 8, 2010