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Finally own the Red Triggit Hoodie you've been dreaming of! Sweatshirts are finally up for grabs via a Charity Auction to the Red Cross and the Japanese Earthquake Victims. We are excited to announce that tomorrow, Wednesday March 23th Triggit will be conducting a charity auction on Twitter for our much lusted after Red Triggit Hoodies. These will be the first ever hoodies ever to be given to non employees, advisors or investors. Based on our highly unscientific review of market demand we expect the bidding to be hot and heavy. The rules of the auction are simple. Tweet @triggit... Continue reading
Posted Mar 22, 2011 at Triggit
Zach was interviewed by Robert Coolbrith for the ThinkEquity Internet Spotlight that just came out. In the interview he discusses the ad exchange space in general, where Triggit is headed and the future of agency trading desks. Continue reading
Posted Mar 17, 2011 at Triggit
Triggit is very excited to announce that John Whitmore has adopted Triggit Red and has joined us as our new VP of Sales. John will be based in New York where he will be opening and leading our new office in that city. John has had a distinguished career in digital media for the last twelve years with positions at companies like Bizo, Valueclick and X+1. For those of you who know John, you can surely understand our excitement when someone as experienced and knowledgeable about our space chooses to join our team. John was working with marketers to help... Continue reading
Posted Mar 15, 2011 at Triggit
Clearly Andreas looks good in Triggit red. Continue reading
Posted Mar 15, 2011 at Triggit
Without a doubt 2010 was a hell of a year for all of us here at Triggit. Not only has our space grown exponentially, but so have we. This year we grew over 2000% in revenue, our team tripled and the number of RTB impressions that pass through our system grew by more 15x. Needless to say, it seems like we are doing something right. But the past is behind us and the really exciting stuff is yet to come. Here are our 2011 predictions: 1. 2011 will be the year when RTB and exchange trading crosses the tipping point... Continue reading
Posted Dec 21, 2010 at Triggit
Last evening, December 15, 2010, the Triggit Family gathered for a wonderful shared meal and holiday party at our San Francisco offices. It was a delightful evening and a reminder of how much we truly all enjoy each other. Go Triggit! Continue reading
Posted Dec 16, 2010 at Triggit
SEMguy gives you his friday best. Continue reading
Posted Dec 3, 2010 at Triggit
Zach joined Colin Gillis of BGC Partners on an investor call this week to discuss ad exchanges, DSPs and RTB. You can listen to the call here. Colin tells us this was the most highly attended call he has had since August- it appears the street is paying attention to all the action in ad technology. Continue reading
Posted Dec 3, 2010 at Triggit
Louis, The reason why the price is so high is that DSPs are solving a very difficult technical problem that requires quite a bit of capital and talented engineers. I actually predict that the coming year will result in fewer DSPs who are able to play at the highest levels rather then more. At some point the agencies are going to have to bite the bullet if they want to own technology. Zach
Toggle Commented Nov 23, 2010 on Recap of 2010 predictions at Triggit
As 2010 begins to close, the time for recaps and predictions is getting closer. But before I publish the 2011 predictions lets look back at the 2010 predictions. Last year the new Ad Tech landscape was just emerging and lot of us who had been at it from the beginning were getting a handle on all the changes. We looked around at the hype, the buzz, the FUD and the BS with mixture of bemusement, wonder and trepidation. Looking into 2010 from 2009 was a very interesting perspective and I really enjoyed rereading my thoughts from that time. Retrospective nostalgia... Continue reading
Posted Nov 22, 2010 at Triggit
Susan, our COO, is featured in the article, Kiteboarding: The New Golf!. Check out a sweet action shot of her kiting! Continue reading
Posted Nov 12, 2010 at Triggit
A few weeks ago I (Susan) did an interview with Pemo Theodore about what its like being a woman in tech, and specifically in dealing with Venture Capitalists and fundraising. We love our VCs (hopefully that came out in the interview!), but its a fun discussion that provides some interesting perspective on Triggit's journey. Video below, excerpts can be found at the EzBis blog. Continue reading
Posted Oct 19, 2010 at Triggit
I have a new post on Adexchanger that discuss the need for transparency and control for marketers if we are going to enable large brand marketers to move online with their budgets. You can find it here. Continue reading
Posted Sep 10, 2010 at Triggit
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Aug 27, 2010 -- Real-time digital media bidding platform Triggit Inc. ( today announced the addition of Bruce Gilburne as the tech company's new Vice President of Strategic Accounts. Gilburne joins Triggit with more than 15 years of experience in internet sales for top-tier financial companies. Gilburne previously served as Director of Business Development at Adchemy Corporation where he helped clients utilize highly intelligent, proprietary technology designed to optimize search and display advertising while maintaining annual online marketing budgets. Under his leadership, the company acquired lead generation contracts with five major auto insurance carriers. Gilburne has also... Continue reading
Posted Aug 26, 2010 at Triggit
Susan (Triggit's co-founder and COO) is featured as a Woman to Watch by women 2.0. Neat Stuff! Five Female Founders & COOs to Watch Continue reading
Posted Aug 9, 2010 at Triggit
Steven Taylor, Dan Gosling, Danny Simpson and Tamas Kadar won't feature due to injury, while Sol Campbell has confirmed that he won't be match fit until after the start of the Premier League season. News is awaited on the availability of Fraser Forster. This will be the first meeting of... Continue reading
Posted Aug 5, 2010 at Triggit Support
The Triggit T-Shirt Goes Big Time. (From right to left: Zach Coelius, CEO, Triggit Inc & Steve Katelman, OMG Trading Desk) Continue reading
Posted Jul 21, 2010 at Triggit
I have a post today that talks about why real time bidding will eventually look at every impression on Adexchanger today. You can find it here: Why Real-Time Bidding Wins Continue reading
Posted Jul 13, 2010 at Triggit
The MIT technology review wrote a nice article about Triggit and our technology today. You can check it out here: Triggit in the MIT Technology Review Continue reading
Posted Jul 9, 2010 at Triggit
I will be speaking on a panel about RTB at OMMA's Ad Nets in LA on the 19th of July. Let me know if you would like to connect there. I will also be part of Dapper's panel that evening at the Rubicon offices about fixing advertising. Continue reading
Posted Jun 29, 2010 at Triggit
Thanks to everyone for their wonderful emails and calls. We are super excited to have Santo and Seth joining the team today. Here is a roundup of the press today Techcrunch AdExchanger Mediapost Seth Levine Continue reading
Posted Jun 24, 2010 at Triggit
Funding to expand internationally and support rapid growth. SAN FRANCISO, California. –(June 24, 2010) Triggit, the leading developer of technologies for buying media using real-time bidding, today announced $4.2 million in series A funding from Spark Capital and Foundry Group. Seth Levine, Managing Partner at Foundry Group and Santo Politi, General Partner at Spark capital will be joining the board. Also participating in the round through the conversion of their previous investments are Brett and Scott Crosby, the founders of Urchin; Asher Waldfogel, the founder of Peakstream and Tollbridge Technologies; Ben Narison, founder of; Joe Spieser and Alex Zhardanovsky,... Continue reading
Posted Jun 24, 2010 at Triggit
We want to give a shout-out to Invite Media. After all, a rising tide floats all boats. The company is having a great week after Google announced it's adding the demand-side platform (DSP) to its advertiser technology. Congrats to Zach, Nat and the rest of the Invite crew! Founded in 2007 by students at the University of Pennsylvania and headquartered in NYC, Invite allows agencies to bid in real time on individual ad impressions with a universal platform. Google isn't revealing how much they purchased Invite for, however, All Things D, the first to report on the acquisition, says the... Continue reading
Posted Jun 3, 2010 at Triggit
For those of you who missed them here is a collection of Adexchanger articles from the last year that Zach wrote.Your DSP has RTB Defragmenting Media with Real Time Bidding RTB: Our New Game of Musical Chairs Why Real Time Bidding (RTB) is an Open Software Standard More coming soon. Continue reading
Posted May 11, 2010 at Triggit
Sorry about the long break from posting, Triggit has been growing like a weed and it has gotten a little bit crazy over here. Hopefully we can get back to blogging regularly. Now that we have been doing real time bidding (rtb) for almost a year and a half, we are starting to gather a lot of data about what happens on the exchanges, how prices actually work and how the ecosystem is unfolding. One of the interesting things we have seen is that the increasingly variable price of media that transparent bidding enables is starting to effect what publishers... Continue reading
Posted May 10, 2010 at Triggit