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I use ETTR all the time. Not because Michael Reichmann told me so but because I think my pictures look better when I pull the exposure down in my RAW converter. The pictures look richer somehow. I guess sensors have advanced a lot since 2009 because pulling out the shadows in a 5D Mark II doesn't look so hot IMO. The new Canon 1D X has built-in HDR, so you can expose AWYP (Any Way You Please) henceforth. Of course I always thought it was expose AWYP since forever.
Oh wow, 1D X: I just 'upgraded' to the original 1Ds this year! Talk about being behind the curve (poverty ain't easy). Oh, I still can't find any explanation why I prefer the pictures out of the old 1Ds compared to the 5D Mk II (which I sold).
Toggle Commented Oct 19, 2011 on Two New Canons at The Online Photographer
Whoa, $16.60 per sheet? I'd better learn not to gripe so much about the cost of 8x10 film then! I believe that the best smartphone camera resides in the Nokia N8. I'd be very impressed if the iPhone 4S produces better pictures than the N8: I have made many awesome pet kitty pictures from it.
Congratulations! I see too many who couldn't do what you did; those who end up "Childs-Pugh class C". We are all indebted to your willpower: imagine a world with no 'TOP'?! Goodness me.
Well I'm just happy to see that Paul Butzi ain't dead.
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2011 on 'Doing a Good Job' at The Online Photographer
I am the virtuous film photographer. After having eschewed a 5D Mk II to lug a 6 kilo medium format kit around London, I have surely now ascended to the level of Deity. Fellow tourists gawk at my camera as they prostrate themselves at the altar of 'Rolleiflex'. They are awed by my bad mood when my Pan F supply runs out, and they are humbled by my piety as I kneel and face east for a roll-film change every 20 minutes. Temptations in the desert? Ha! I have Schneider locust Kool-Aid. What have you got? 20 megapixels? Plebe. Frankly, Ctein needs to be washed clean in the Holy Water Bath.
Toggle Commented May 30, 2011 on Virtuous Technique at The Online Photographer
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May 29, 2011