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Yay, Nicole! I knew you would know. Such a PR pro.
Great post. My friend lost her father to the disease just two years ago. He was a chaplain for the Army and had just come back from serving overseas when he was diagnosed on a routine exam. My boyfriend lost his mentor to the disease. Prostate health definitely needs an advocate like Katie Couric when she brought attention to colon cancer.
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I met Julian a few years back when he was a panelist for a PR Week event in Chicago. The economy was just beginning its downward spiral. He wasn't worried. Beer always sold. Actually, in down economies, beer sales went up. Today at work we were shown research numbers that showed that was true. Everything from food to soap was down, but alcohol? Up 3 percent in the last four months. Now the Cubs. I'm a lifelong fan. But I never even watched a game all the way through this year. My 90 year old grandma has refused to go the last two years. My friends who have season tickets couldn't give away tickets to a Cardinals game on Labor Day wknd! That's bad. Cubs fans are finally fed up. Even the Chads and Trixies of Lincoln Park who go solely to drink and hook up after a game are not going. Three years ago if I had to put my money somewhere, much like the new Cubs owners, the Ricketts, I would have thought the Cubs were solid. I mean they're mediocre but a money maker. Now they just suck and it's pathetic. Good luck to Julian - b/c you can have the greatest PR, the biggest ad budget, but if the quality of the product is poor, you're just burning money.
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When I did PR for the National Dairy Council, we called it soy juice - come on, it's not milk! Milk from what? There was a study that showed in order to get anywhere near the amount of nutrients from soy like you do from milk, you have to shake the soy container as much as a paint can shaker shakes paint - otherwise it is a sludge at the bottom that you throw out. No thank you - I'll take my cow's milk. I want to like soy milk and then I tried almond milk the other day. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who doesn't like the taste of those 'other' milks.
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My best teacher was my PR professor senior year at Purdue. I was an English education major/journalism education minor who finally realized hated literature.... but I enjoyed my journalism courses. My advisor suggested I jump to PR but that to graduate in time, I would have to take the three comm courses in one semester and get a B average to get to my PR courses. Intro to PR was being taught by a new prof - Josh Boyd who was fresh from his PhD and was all of maybe 22 - a real kid genius who wore a bowtie. He never worked in PR - he was an academic and he really was like 22. He made every Friday PR show and tell, so everyone had to bring something that represented PR some time that semester. Each week he showed a movie clip showing various types of PR at work. I LOVED his class because he made us understand. He also did random PR trivia for bonus points. When he asked if anyone knew what PT in PT Barnum stood for - I quickly raised my hand. Coming from a family with circus bloodlines and T standing for Taylor I knew the answer. To this day he often requests I come down to guest lecture my real life PR experiences and I really do have him to thank for my career.
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Uh oh. I'll be a goner before I know. Well, at least it's a nice reminder to clean my cube.
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