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Sorry, folks, but the Grateful Dead, at their best, were as good as any group of musicians out there. I suspect that the selection of cuts played on the radio was an elitist attempt to discourage mass popularity. The Fade - Road on the Skull & Roses is without competition as the finest segue in all of rock n' roll. It Hurts Me Too, on the Europe 72 album is a masterpiece which transcended genres. I don't play entire albums of theirs during the long stretches when I am abstaining from drug use, but every one of their recorded concerts has at least one song which doesn't suck when I'm at baseline.
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Bob, if a CFL costs 4-5 times as much, and lasts 4-5 times as long, then you are ahead by the labor of 3-4 bulb replacements. I started using screw-in flourescents back when they weren't compact but took ring tubes for that exact reason, in locations where changing them was a problem such as the back stairwell. Back when I was doing industrial sales I found that blindness to replacement labor reduced the attractiveness of long-lasting components.
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Caller ID was even more effective back when it was brand new. The fellow who made an obscene phonecall to the mother of someone a coworker was dating back then probably didn't even know it existed until she called him back and asked if she had time for a shower before he came over and [did what he said he would do].
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