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TriumphTx SWF
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Civil Rights? Similar to the Rules of Civil Procedure. Broken again by my own zombies. Which are ... basically words that fail depending on who you are. New era? Sounds cliche. When u r a SWF. Autonomy is a virtue but its lonely. To my mentors, Dr. Tinay at the top, Adam, Bob, and ZOMBIES everywhere. Im still here. Great article by the way. So many brilliant ppl yet, its miasma, how the separation of academia, public servants, blind justice, mainstream media, and yes, even credit slips , business and money are all words that have many meanings. And as words, do, fail. and social change is as cool a buzz word as sustainability. Its all consumer advertising to me ... all based on emotinal appeal while the product doesnt deliver. .. Michael Porter, another mentor ... speaks of a new capitalism massive change where there are no moral heroes or evil villains. , its an illusion, a dream . America as united states gives us an image of colors on a map. People really only dig their home state they were born in its that simple. We are GLOBAL all of us.. brilliant, and all of us.. live and die alone. The reality is at the mega levels of life,city, state, county, federal, ngo, etal, xyz... there are no borders or state lines or political parties that even really matter. The things we share are so much more important than what we dont, but in the current day with so many people beating so many drums, theres NO BEAT,.. no rythym just noise... This is some music for y;all, Raise your finger with me.. TEXAS STYLE! Im Zombie hunting again...
When Eric Holder himself talks about Surf 2006 bc5, as the worst of the crisis, i pen my response to the Zombie debt collector attempting to eat me whole. I reflect on your thought provoking blogs, my friends and mentors at Credit Slips. Consumer Law isnt dead, it never really existed at all.
Adam, you are a valiant Zombie killer, but they are everywhere now.. and surrounding my gate as we speak. Consider this scerio .. its mine.. facing a third party zombie the 7th ive killed but they keep coming back. bringing it at one in a million ,,,,,left standing from a non gse MBS fraud, .. almost seven years after the debt became proven invalid Im faced with a suit over 2 1/2 times value of collateral it seeks to devour. For 22 years here safe then found by a zombie landing here recently with no true name, right, standing or soul. A third party grown fat off of bad debt and deception. Running ahead of case law and public awareness. We are still out there, those lucky enough to ha be aware of the illegality of the acts against them. I am personally terrified but still alive and looking forward to it.. actually. Motivated by the beauty and miracles of life, and my research of law and mentored personally and remotely by leaders of academia, science, business those who know me and those I'll never meet. Your elequence, and Academia is lost here in my own life.. The interpretation of.... damage,... the effect of third party actions on consumers in law and in life. The ethics the ethos, of consumer law and consumer protection, not just the integrity of "bankruptcy" is at stake. AKA the American Dream .. cannot be articulated and somehow . we must make our own dreams more real than any ....zombie. myth, label or rating defines us. Im as confused as the last time i commented on a credit slips blog, yours, to be exact. Its MIASMA. This christmas will be special.. maybe I will feel peace a little or maybe even happiness for the first time in seven years or maybe it will suck. Either way.. Im with you. When I grow up I want to be a zombie killer.
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Dec 6, 2014