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I hope at least this means there will be a Qwikster app so I can manage my DVD queue on my iPad since the Netflix website queue is unusable.
Great news! I hope my phone provider splits into two companies so I'll have to go to different sites to look at my voice plan and data plan! What the hell does "Qwikster" even mean?
"see in the theater" I hate making mistakes like that.
Before Netflix, I used to seen in the theater about 100 movies per year and rent the same number. If I still did that today, I would spend AT LEAST $1050. With Netflix, I'm paying about 40% of that. So Netflix has saved me a lot of money these past ten years. The financial gain is MINE.
"I love the people who feel the need to justify financial gain by any means." Netflix is under no obligation to provide their service at a price that suits you personally. No one is making you or anyone else pay for Netflix. If you don't want to contribute to Netflix's financial gain, don't give them your money. I find the cost reasonable and will give them my money.
So, Kory K, at what price point will you stop buying gasoline? There is no real competitor to gas so how much are you willing to bend over and take it from the oil companies? Or is it OK to bend over when it's a necessity? Netflix is a luxury service, moreso than any of the things you listed. If Netflix wants to raise their prices every three months that's fine with me. It would eventually reach the point where I didn't think it would be worth it and I'd cancel. Everyone loves to throw out the 60% figure, like it went up from $50 to $80. But we're talking $6 a month or 20 cents a day. If you can't afford that then Netflix isn't something you should be spending your money on anyhow.
It's not easy to find, so here is the list (well, kinda--you have to look by state):
Murmur of the Heart is the more interesting one. Way to recommend incest, Netflix! (Note: it's actually a very good coming of age movie.)
One of their crucial expenses, I should have said.
I love the Sturm und Drang of these Internet bitchfests. It amazes me how people can personalize their relationship with a corporation to the point where they feel betrayed by it. This is all you need to know, as Johnny Utah pointed out: "Its estimated that Netflix's streaming costs will rise from $180 million in 2010 to a whopping $1.98 billion in 2012." One of their expenses is going up 1000%, so why is so hard to understand why prices have to rise?
Like ZarathustrA Tek said, those movies are nowhere near being snuff films. These are basically found footage compilations. If you object to Netflix having these movies, then you probably should object to the Internet as a whole. I'm more annoyed that Netflix doesn't keep up with Blu-ray versions of catalog titles than I am this.
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Jun 5, 2010