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Good catch!
Toggle Commented Dec 22, 2014 on Plenty of warning? at Prairie Weather
Great comment, Marcus. ...Though Clinton may not be the shoo-in many expect.
Toggle Commented Dec 19, 2014 on Is Jeb planning to cash in again? at Prairie Weather
I can vouch I've never seen it in OK or KS. ... So it did a giant leap into north Texas, I guess. Hope you'll report back if you find it elsewhere!
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2014 on Beloved, disgusting food at Prairie Weather
I bet! On the other hand, I grew up in Maine, which is about half Canadian, and I don't remember cheese curds...
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2014 on Beloved, disgusting food at Prairie Weather
No big problem, Harry, as long as we don't mind living in a "failed nation."
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2014 on Militia moves into Ferguson at Prairie Weather
That seems naive and a little forced!
"If they do not find probable cause to indict, I suppose the public will have limited access to the facts surrounding this case." Great point, Betty. If that's true -- and I think you're exactly right -- the anger won't be confined to the St. Louis area. Not by a long shot. (Oops.Bad choice of words.) Poor Nixon. He's one of the victims, really.
I'm with you. Same is happening in my family, Betty. Nice to be part of the real world!
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2014 on A Ferguson decision at Prairie Weather
We're talking about the Ferguson police saying he'd been hit in the face. Now photos take at the time show no facial wounds. But here's the continuing issue: excessive force is now commonly used by law enforcement across the country. That's the larger problem here. As we uncover more cowardice and brutality in Ferguson,the closer we are to changing a culture which doesn't belong in a free country, least of all in law enforcement.
He could use some. Probably could have used it his whole abbreviated life. He survived for at least 17 years living in the most dangerous situation we set up for children in this country.
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2014 on Looks like Darren Wilson walks at Prairie Weather
In response to both comments, more or less: Somehow America has decided there are two sides to every issue... and only two sides. Certainly, many whites I have known -- generally though not always older rather than young people -- see white/black as us/them. Somewhere along the line I moved into the we're-all-just-us category. At that point, the us-versus-them people have seemed "dangerous" and "criminal" as teenage Michael Brown is described in the first comment. Given eye witness reports, the second commenter seems to have a more likely view of what happened. For those who are interested, even older people on the left are not, by nature, bed-wetters (and there are always Depends if you have a problem). Nor is social justice radical, unless you think our "forefathers" -- the ones who worked on the Constitution -- were just a bunch of useless radical piss-pants.
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2014 on Looks like Darren Wilson walks at Prairie Weather
We agree. If you aren't familiar with it yet, you may enjoy "The Moderate Voice."
I lived out of the country for too many decades to understand what happened to "boys." Seriously.
Soc,I don't think the left -- I include most of my friends and myself -- have taken the time to understand the deep, personal resentment felt by many on the right towards Democrats. Until we focus on it, we will be much less successful at planning and implementing our own short- to long-term win. The Republicans, threatened by deep divisions, infuriated by our lack of respect for Reagan (among other heroes), united around an almost Soviet 5-10-15 year plan to get and keep power, state by state and nationally. They know what they will be doing when they win in November, just as they knew, on the evening following the 2009 inauguration, that their main job would be to destroy Obama. And they said so! Now they know what their next moves are if they don't take the Senate. BTW, if they do win, they may get bitten hard in the butt by the markets. Looking at the numbers right now, the markets seem to fluctuate according to the latest win/lose murmurs. It's possible (run-offs) that the results of the Nov vote won't be known until mid Dec. Interesting to watch how the markets cope with this. Any ideas?
I hope you're right, Pete, because I'm a Kohut fan and want him to be right! But it looks to me like he's going along with the "common wisdom" that the country is increasingly pro-Republican. (What amazes me is the number of R candidates out there -- take Roberts/Kansas and Abbott/Texas for starters -- who are truly cruddy people. Got any up there in the land of beautiful hickories?)
First place I saw it early this morning was at WaPo -- 30,000. Now the headline has changed slightly and you're right, it's 3,000. Seems more likely!! Thanks, Tom.
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2014 on New war -- and one worth waging at Prairie Weather
You're one of unlucky, mom. "16 key cities" are singled out by the Kaiser report as lower-premium areas. Maybe yours will go down, too.
Whew! Thanks, Dug. When I went back to doublecheck, I see the Post has added a mini-bio. Hope to read more from her.
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2014 on White rage at Prairie Weather
Phoenix -- don't we know that in America you're guilty until proven innocent? Anyone who's sat on a jury has probably had to put up with at least one fellow juror who says, wearily, "Aw, c'mon. He wouldn't be here if he weren't guilty. He looks guilty!"
"Agreed, the cop overreacted. But what were his options?" How about "not overreact" for a start? Convenience store clerk: back off and rely on store videocam for later identification by police. Backing off is better and safer than open carry. Bullies? Avoid them. Back off Always make violence the last, least desirable option. I was once (a long while back) a witness, was asked to come to precinct station to give a statement, was harassed and I mean seriously harassed by police. Boston.
B&E is one of THE real gems of blogoland, Diddie. Really.
Good question. I've tried vodka. I've tried the 6 mangoes a day treatment. I've tried sleeping late. Nothing works.