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@ GringoTex: Nail, meet hammer. @ Pamela & Geoff Puterbaugh: My experience in the 1970´s (yes, I am old) was quite different. I went to a Gymnasium (A),and lots of people changed to a Realschule (B) and vice versa. Even at this time, there were schools (Gesamtschulen) which kept all children together until they graduated, and their numbers have been on the increase ever since. Today, parents are fighting to prevent the remaining Gymnasiums from being converted into such schools ... Once upon a time, there was such system, albeit more flexible, but - alas - no more. It died when Hauptschulen (C) turned into a dumping ground for non-integrated immigrants with minimal language skills and everybody tried to go to a Realschule or Gymnasium, including most immigrants. I use old school books (1900-1950) for tests when hiring, and the decline e.g. of basic math skills among the graduates of Hauptschulen is a disgrace. Vocational training is generally considered to be one of the strengths of the German educational system, and our ReNo-Gehilfinnen (legal secretary meets paralegal, I suppose) are an example: Graduate Realschule (B), get hired by a law firm and trained partly there and partly at a special school while already being paid.
@ GringoTex: This blog smeared Germany with nonsense about Jews in Germany being under serious attack by evil Muslims fanatics. As a German, I commented on said claims. "Over here" = Germany I still cannot find any Jew being murdered by Islamists in the last 20 years. @ German In Name Only: Are there any new infos on the Düsseldorf grenade attack? The case was never solved, nobody knows who did it IIRC: Maybe organized crime (Russian or Turkish), maybe anti-immigrant groups, maybe anti-Semites, maybe a weapons-nut ... @ RayD: No answer? You had several days to think it over and fail, but demand instant and perfect reactions from cops on the scene ...
@ RayD: OK, let us assume that you and your Kameraden at PI are in power. German citizens of Islamic belief, Muslim with other EU-citizenship, Muslim immigrants, Muslim asylum seekers and Muslim tourists want to protest against some Israeli military action. What do you do? ........................................................... A society has to safeguard the right to protest e.g Israeli foreign policy and abortion while at the some time protecting the persons involved. Germany seem to do a much better at protecting Jews from Muslim extremists than the US does at protecting Ob/Gyns from Christian extremists. @ Susanne: Eight Ob/Gyns and attendants were killed by Christian fanatics in the last twenty years. Three doctors dared to perform legal late-term abortions in the whole USA, yet none got special police protection. Now there are only two left ... I do not recall any Jew being murdered by Muslim fanatics in the last twenty years over here, but my google-fu is weak. Jeremiah Duggan was mentally unstable and committed suicide, sorry. See e.g.
Ah, commenting on current events (January 13th). You do realize that PI is a website for and by intelligent Neo-Nazis, don´t you? Some facts, available e.g. here,1518,601058,00.html A protest against Israeli military operations in Gaza had 10.000 instead of expected 1.000 demonstrators, leaving police forces temporarily outnumbered. The Islamic immigrants threatened to attack the student who owned the flags. Cops were stationed to protect him, but were heavily outnumbered. The alternative was a massive use of force (possibly lethal) against the mob, or to temporarily remove the flags. The police elected to avoid violence. One can discus this, but has to realize that the few cops on the scene would likely have been forced to use their guns if the flag had not been removed. The police action was legal - see e.g. this opinion. Local politicians apologized and immigrant mobs failed to repeat their success as more cops were assigned to future protests. Please cut the crap about ´never again´. Nobody was harmed because the cops de-escalated the situation. It seems to be much safer to be a Jew (or a Gentile with an Israeli flag) in Germany than e.g. an Ob/Gyn in the US ...
"Seems like you missed the point again." I commented on the second half of your post starting with ´avoiding´. I did not know that 50% of your article was missing the point, sorry. "-German responsibles knew much earlier than they claimed about the coming crisis. -Didn't do nothing to prevent it. -Blame US, as usual, for everything." Duh. Politicians/bankers/economists blame somebody else and deny any culpability. What a surprise. The article by Murdoch´s WSJ admits that the problems started at an Irish subsidiary of Hypo, which is not subject to German financial regulation. Germany called for more international regulations, and even such an anti-German pro-Thatcher paper as The Economist agrees today.* The WSJ does not like this approach. Surprise. It calls itself the ´The Wall Street Journal´ for a reason. It is, as I already mentioned, owned by Murdoch. He is a known appeaser of tyrants and owner of such junk as Fox News Channel. His so called news channel had the chutzpah to claim a right to lie in its news ... Murdoch media are no serious sources, sorry. One can attack Germany on many points, and quite a few are legitimate points of criticism, but you tend to miss them. *
Toggle Commented May 29, 2009 on German Politics at its Best at Davids Medienkritik
"Avoiding transparency and public scrutiny at all costs is a major concern of German politicians, since the results might "undermine confidence" in the system." You can replace ´German´ with ´any´. Look e.g. at the US, were Republicans and Democrats blame each other ... standard M.O. in every democracy. "Those investors now stand to lose most of their investment, as the government plans to fully nationalize Hypo as a fraction of its former value." The value of their investment had already dropped to near 0 when Hypo was about to go bust. The state intervened to bailout Hypo and paid them a multiple of the real market value of their shares. The shareholders, who would have lost nearly everything, got a sweet deal. A normal investor buys shares for e.g. € 10.000,-- in a company. The company becomes insolvent, his shares may be valued at € 100,--. Shit happens. Now the state intervenes and rescues said company, paying him € 1.000,-- for his shares. The unwise investor should be happy ... I believe that the state bailout of banks was a mistake (on both sides of the pond), but stop whining about Germany nationalizing a single company, when the US does the same e.g. with Chrysler and GM while giving shares to the unions.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2009 on German Politics at its Best at Davids Medienkritik