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I use View.SetVisibility() in some of my addins and it caught me by surprise when I updated them to 2017 and they didn't work after switching to View.SetCategoryHidden(). After some time of messing with it it finally hit me that it was the opposite. Very weird change indeed.
Are there any changes to the API for 2017.1? If so is there a new SDK? Thanks
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2016 on Announcing Revit 2017.1 at Inside the Factory
I've got some code working based on this article. The code loops through an xml file and sets ribbonItem.IsVisible per button in my addin. This works for all of my buttons except for a PullDownButton. The buttons that are added to the PullDownButton aren't included as items in RibbonPanel.Source.Items. Any idea how to get the buttons in the PullDownButton that is found in there? Thanks
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What an awesome use for open space. Thanks for sharing the great photos.
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I don't understand why Autodesk wants to reinvent the wheel. With many, many great existing messaging clients already with loads more features, why not build on top of one of them. For instance Skype, it already exists on just about every platform available. Why not use the Skype API and build in Autodesk specific features and integrate into existing Autodesk products?
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I installed your add-in wizard and am trying to find it in VS 2013 Pro. I can see the template when creating new projects but it doesn't bring up a wizard and afterwards I can't find how to show the toolbars seen above. Is VS 2013 Pro supported? If so what am I doing wrong? Thanks
Can you open local files or do you need to upload your files to 360?
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I also suggest checking in with FourSquare. Its a fast and easy way to let people know where you are or to find out where other people are. FourSquare can automatically announce on Facebook and Twitter when you check in. Just make sure to include the #AU2012 when you check in somewhere.
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DesignScript for Revit coming anytime soon?
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With the above data storage capability, wouldn't it be easy for Autodesk to add a mechanism to families and/or projects that allows authors to lock, password protect, or digitally sign models? It seems the infrastructure is in place and just needs the interface put into the core Revit platform.
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I have 7 license servers on a distributed server setup. On these servers are 55 Autocad Revit MEP Suite licenses and 1 BDS Premium license. The server that has the 1 BDS license also has 22 AutoCAD Revit MEP Suite licenses. I have found that the BDS license is always in use by either AutoCAD MEP or Revit MEP when there are still licenses available from the AutoCAD Revit MEP Suite. All of the AutoCAD MEP and Revit MEP installations are based on the AutoCAD Revit MEP Suite and none are based on Revit Onebox. Any idea why the BDS license would always be taken when there are lower level licenses available?
Do we need to upgrade to 11.10 to use 2013 products or will the existing 11.9 still work?
Here are few wishes: * Allow creation of tabs in project browser similar to the browser filter. This would be extremely helpful to separate disciplines, phases, construction packages, etc on to individual tabs for faster browsing * Separate out the family tree into its own dock-able panel (see Kiwicode Family Browser addin) * Add additional options for viewing like icon/preview based tree * Allow filtering of legends, schedules * Add more levels of filtering, 3 isn't enough when you have discipline, sub-discipline, construction package, phase, and view family type for example
Toggle Commented Jan 17, 2012 on Project Browser Research at Inside the Factory
There is a glaringly missing app that I believe many people would love to have on the iPad... Design Review. Design Review and DWF in general just scream mobile. If I had Design Review on an iPad I would be able to view Revit 3D models & sheets, do mark-ups, examine object data, and even print if so desired. Autodesk Design Review Mobile, nice ring to it.
Toggle Commented Sep 16, 2011 on Mobile apps for BIM? at Inside the Factory
I've done this on a few projects over the past few years. Here is an example: I use a similar approach and take it even further for documenting by placing empty drafting views over the top of the 3D views and adding text, lines, symbols, etc. Its a tedious process but looks great.
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2009 on Exploded Axons at Inside the Factory
Being able to align a reference plane in any view to a line in the titleblock would suffice for most of my needs. I don't mind placing a few reference planes into the model for alignment purposes, especially since I can make them unprintable.
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2009 on Sheet Alignment at Inside the Factory