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Darryle, You lucky lucky girl! Well, partly, that is - the best part might be looking back on this whole experience from the warmth of California but seriously I am loving going on this journey with you everyday - I could have offered you my ski clothes if your ego could have handled it! Thanks for taking me with you as you experience a once in a lifetime! Can't wait to see a picture of you and Barack together all bundled up!
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Darryle, I will never forget this election not because of Tina and Sarah but because I became addicted to your blog and am so lucky to have you as a friend.
I just gotta say I really never pegged you one for "suspending" your blog - and for a reason such as "rest"!!! Really, at least you could have cited the reason as respect for the state of our economy - this is all sounding a little too much like a SNL skit. I am not sure I can support a blogger who doesn't understand the "neediness" of her readers. Please reconsider!
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oh Darryle, that was very funny and way too relatable - my cat, Spice, same in every way and some of my grey hairs are from nights just like those where I am certain a mountain lion has munched her. how do you function on so little sleep? I am much more like V in that dept.
Wow, Darryle, you are really getting into the swing now - that piece is brilliant - and all from a blogger who implied she doesn't write about politics - no wonder the Post picked it up - you are good, really good. Thanks for more ammo to send my sister!
Darryle, beautiful tribute to a special woman. My heart broke reading your blog and I thank you for making this anniversary so much more real. Strange that I finally got around to commenting on your blog today but please know I am loving your writing, insights, humor, and intelligence - I am getting to know you better in these last few months than I have in all the years we have lived in the same town. You really give me hope that one day I may move past the busyness and confines of family life to soar to my own new heights just as you have. Until then, thanks for the peek into your brilliant heart and mind.
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