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Christian blogger,gardening enthusiast
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oh man. I really do have to go.... but this really struck a chord in my thinking. Hope to revisit and converse on this a bit.
Hi again. Digging further I see a very similar post by Phil Johnson. Here is the deal as I see it: Finney wasn't a heretic, and rightfully criticized the Calvinist theology. Calvin got some things wrong...every theologian it seems gets something out of whack, but the question is always do they have the basics there? There are something that I hold to in Reformed theology and I don't think Finney was right in more than a few of his ideas... but like everything you have to take the writing in context. Without that context the premises (of Johnson and Horton... and Finney at times) go spiraling off into weirdness. Ok...have to take off myself, to Curves;)
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I'm not an authority either, but did read much of his writings when studying revival, and Keith Green always published and promoted it (which I read,too). This stuff is patently an attack on those who are in the Pentecostal and Charismatic stream. I read through the main part of the Horton essay, and I think he mistakenly attributes Finney's moorings and theology. I certainly wouldn't peg Finney as a Pelagian heretic! I think you are going to have to look elsewhere for the blame of what is wrong with the modern Church. If I have time to read all the info more carefully, and what it takes to craft a theological post.... I'll lay out my thoughts more in detail. I think these new "reformationists" are doing great disservice to our present understanding of the call of Christ. Would they all have us go back to a Pietistic inclusion that holds us to emotional flagellation? That is what the social gospel of Finney's day reacted against... although now we know that a social gospel has it's own problems. If you want to see where the so called intellectual refromed scholars went ( in a watershed sort of way) just take a look at their pinnacle of Presbyterianism. Where did that stream of theology end up? Denying the very importance of Christ Himself. No, I don't think Finney is at all "Pelagian" in his theology- that is just the bend of the filter that wants to negate the message of the revivalists and those who came after. You need to remember that it was God who approved these men: Edwards, Finney, Moody, et al with lasting godly results that changed the moral tenor of nations. Do not forget that.
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the Democratic party has had this stream flowing in it -ever since the sixties, anyway. All nice and smiley on the outside, but brother you'd better watch out if you don't go with the program. I think that is what gets to people who love freedom more than social engineering as the ideal.
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"In all these areas, the young residents of the banlieus of France are being channeled toward radical Islam." Yes, true, but what else is being offered? Secularism is not enough. It has never been enough... the spiritual side of a people has to be met within the culture. A dead religion is no more, and even might said to be less than a radical Islam. What does the West have to offer if not a strong passionate Christianity? I am biased and one sided, but it is an honest question. Otherwise the West has only one option which is to move increasingly to an antagonist stance, which is what we presently see.
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