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Truman Buffett
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As Angel says, we're hoping to document the beautiful chaos of the weekend, but we're not waiting until that Thursday night to begin. Paul writes of his friend who's feeling terror about the 15% chance that their job will be "playwright". After Thursday night, this probability likely goes to 0%. And that's why Angel and I are starting the documenting early. We'd love to hear directly from other confirmed participants about what terror they are or aren't feeling in these final days before the festival begins. If you're one of the older artists Paul mentions, we promise we wouldn't try to start a quick interview with you after 9:30pm, and if you're in the other category, we'd promise not to take too much time away from your boozing, bullshitting and getting laid. If all the time you've got is a minute, you could just write us something short & sweet and Msg. us on Facebook with your Take on Terror, or your Anticipation Anecdote. [annoying aliteration is reason #9 why I'll be the photographer and not the writer on this team] Come up with our favorite quote on Pre-Fest Thoughts, and your prize will be a free portrait session. : ) Thanks, in advance, for sharing.
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Jul 30, 2012