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Wow! My mom was NEVER a complainer but over the past seven years since my dad died (& I had to do cpr on him) my mom complains to EVERYONE about me! I'm an only child & have only my husband for help. We have 17 year old twins & she has destroyed my relationship with my own kids. They love their grandmother very much & lost their other 3 grandparents in a 9 month time period in 4th grade & endured a big move & transition to twins not being in the same classroom at school. Just last night, her only sibling she still speaks to called me furious because she told him things in a fashion that sounded liked she had been neglected! She's always been a very honest person & her complaints about me, my husband & even her only two very beloved granddaughters, have alienated me from most of my family! She stopped speaking to most of her lifelong friends & I read this post & felt so connected to the content & emotion involved! I'm encouraged to continue reading more articles about this & perhaps share with family members so they can understand where her complaints are actually coming from! Thank you so much!
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Jul 21, 2015