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To Andrew Rej, and all the other short-sighted clowns who deem Werth a role player...get a clue. Citing Werth's platooning role THREE YEARS ago is meaningless. I guess theres no room for improvement in that time according to you, professor. As was stated previously, RISP is not the be all and end all. How was our RISP when we won the world series in 08? Making blanket statements based on RISP without relating them to other statistics smacks of Penn State must be friends with Joe Buck. Werth was the best all around player we had. He had the best arm in the outfield, played incredible defense, was one of the best base runners on the team, and he sparked many big innings. Did he not lead the national league in doubles? How about MOVING runners into scoring position? Bottom line is the team doesnt even make the playoffs in 2k10 without Werth. Get real.
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Mar 29, 2011