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I have been examining this blog for about a year and while there have been opinions and conclusions I disagree with, I found absolutely no evidence of racism, bigotry or incitement to violence in any post over the course of the past year.
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2011 on xoxo at Atlas Shrugs
Why have these poor people not been re located somewhere by now? This is atrocious! They should have been put into perminant homes in Gaza or the Sainai decades ago. There is absolutely no need for all these useless camps. The UN has failed them obscenely and is directly responsible for their continued suffering. The money the UNRWA has spent to "help" these people over the years could have been used to create a new thriving city by now! Many countries have used their resorces in the decades following World War II to create thriving cities. The UN has used the very same resorces and knowledge to create perminant slums for palestinians. The UNRWA needs to go and the UN needs to abandon the policies that have caused so much unnecessary suffering.
Perhaps someone could remind "pastor" Wright that arabs inslaved over ten million africans, causing over 100 million to die as a result. That same someone could further remind Pastor "I'm not an Imam, I swear" Wright that after capture those african men were CASTRATED by their enslavers and the women were sold into forced sex slavery, the resulting children killed as soon as they were birthed. That same someone could also inform Pastor Uncle Dhimmi Wright that the Arabic word for black man is the same word used for SLAVE. And then they could tell Pastor RACE TRAITOR Wright about the continuing enslavement of black africans in the sudan and how a group of REAL American REAL pastors are living in the african bush and quitely buying the freedom of those slaves with Cow Vaccine, while he sits on his fat ass and whines like a bitch. Then someone can tell Pastor Whiny Bitch that Israel rescued a whole tribe of Africans decades ago and flew them to Israel for resettlement - no strings attatched. ON "wings of great eagles" as fortold in the bible. You'd think a REAL pastor would care about stuff like that. But he ain't a real pastor, Blanch, he ain't. He's a jihad sympathizing demogog agitator masquerading as a legitimate religious figure. Just like another public religious figure we could name.
I hope the police went thru all their cell phone accounts and grabbed every dirty scumbag who payed them to let them rape these 12 year old girls. Hang them. After the innitial recovery these girls will succomb to life long drug addiction and mental illness that will end in suicide. Not only is the result of this crime mass murder, it is also far worse than mass murder. There will be decades of suffering before these poor girls commit suicide outright or thu drugs. Hang all 33 of these dirty motherfuckers.
I don't think either Mr. West or Mr. Bolton should be president but I would think about voting for any candidate that would put them in positions where their strengths lie and their perspectives could be best be asserted. I would be delighted to see Mr. West as head of Homeland Security or in a position to controll its policies. Mr. Bolton would be an excellent muscular vice president a la Cheny (ptuy ptuy) or Secretary of State. Though if either were on a ticket I would seriously think about voting for that ticket. And I am someone who has voted democrat in every single election (up till now).
Those dark spots these nuttos get in the middle of their forheads make great targets.
Good. If the Egyptians tear up the Camp David Accords and commmit and act of war against Israel, Israel will be morally justified in retaking the Sanai. Irael would be better able to keep it free of terrorist scum than Egypt as they have far more experience fighting than the Egyptian army does. That is to say they have ACTUAL experience. And considering how the Israeli military is so much more experienced in combat than the Egyptian military, who do you think would decimate the other in a confrontation? I suspect the Egyptian Army would seek to prevent an open confrontation at all costs as it would mean certain vitory for Israel. If Egypt starts arresting secularist officers and generals like Turkey has been doing then there might be a war.
Good. If a single member of the Muslim Brotherhood gains elected office in Egypt and Hamas (or terrorist group working for Hamas) commits an act of war against Israel THAT MEANS EGYPT commited an act of war gainst Israel and Israel can then tear up the treaty and retake the Sanai.
Perhaps the organizers of the center are 1) not aware that anyone would object (yup it is possible they were myopic enough to not realize there were no jewish members of their group in NEW YORK CITY who would object) and 2) unaware of how islam and hamas in particular treat homosexuals, or worse, do know but make excuses to themselves. Well of course they know. But they blinker themselves because intollerance exhibited by groups designated "oppressed" sets off a "does not compute" loop in some people so they choose to pretend they don't know because it might mean the designated oppressed are not living personificaitons of moral perfection. And that is just too subtle for the librals I have known because it invlovles actual facts and examples.
The Arab spring. Came in like a lion. Turned out to be a sham.
I am curious. Did you express your concearns to people in authority at the NYC LGBT Center before calling for a boycott? It seems to me that there are a few steps before calling for a boycott but I am not an expert. Have you educated them about treatment of homosexuals in gaza? About how they throw homosexuals off of buildings and hang them? Perhaps you could make a presentation and give it in person to the people who run the NYC LGBT Center. If they do not respond then at least you might have some people in the group who will have heard your case and sided with you.
Bravo to you Mr. Lucas! Sometimes people need to be reminded who their freinds are and who are their enemies. Maybe that gay anti Israel group should be told WHY Hamas chose to throw the Fatah soldiers off of roofs. They were adding insult to injury because throwing people off of high places is the islamicly mandated method for executing homosexuals. That is EXACTLY what the people they are protesting for would do to them if they were palestinian homosexuals. If there are any muslims in the group they know this and are intentionally misleading their "friends". And who knows if such palestinian "gay" activists are really even gay themselves. Muslim Brotherhood front groups specialize in deception and manipulating other political groups. There is a muslim "gay" group in tower hamlets that devotes itself to running interferrence for the islamic supremicists in gay rights issues and often has "conflicts" with other gay rights groups in the area. And then Maybe they should be told how many homosexuals from arab countries have been given asylum in Israel. These people don't belong at gay pride events because they are now traitors to all oppressed homosexuals world wide.
As long as the Muslim Brotherhood exists any official Arab peace with is impossible. Any Arab leader who signs one will be signing his own assassination warrent, no matter how much they may secretly know it is the only right thing to do. Whenever Israel gives anthing the arabs smell weakness instead of compassion and start murdering Israeli schoolchildren in the hopes of getting even more. I pray we can prevent war but we can never create peace between arabs and their religioulsy mandated enemy in this generation. Perhaps it will be possible once the Muslim Brotherhood is a distant memory and the Middle east has become truelly secular and civilized. Tearing up that execrable Cairo declaration AGAINST human rights and accepting the civilized one would be a sign things are moving in the right direction. That is the litmus test they should be judged by, not how cunning they are at pretending to be democratic.
"no wonder muslims are sick and twisted" This is precisely why they have become sick and twisted. It's the Muslim Brotherhood that is behind all this islamic radicalization and violence. Their memebers comprised the top leveles of Al Quida (Ayman al-Zawahiri, Bin Ladens top deputy, had been a member since age 14). And Mohammad Atta, who flew one of the planes into the towers had been a member of the muslim brotherhood for over 10 years. These people obama has let into the white house and thinks should have a place in Egyptian politics ARE PART OF THE GROUP THAT DESTROYED THE WORLD TRADE CENTER. That is all you ever need to know about them or any other public islamic interest group in America. Don't you belive for a second any of that "they left the group" bs. All those terrorists that become violent only after splitting off from the MB only do so to allow the MB deniability. That statement above proves they still officially endorse violence. Let me say that again as it's usually hidden amongst a lot of other information about these matters. MEMBERS OF THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD BLEW UP THE WORLD TRADE CENTER. All those public islamic interest groups like Cair, The Msa and Isna ARE CONNECTED TO THE PEOPLE WHO BLEW UP THE WORLD TRADE CENTER. Hamas, the people Imam Rauf wants the United States to recognise, was started by THE SAME PEOPLE WHO BLEW UP THE WORLD TRADE CENTER. To ironically paraphrase Orwell, WE ARE AT WAR WITH THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN AT WAR WITH THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. They have just been using proxy groups. And by we I mean America and every other country where they have sent subversives, infiltrators, agitators and terrorists. They are the heart of that many headed hydra everyone talks about. THEY ARE USING TERRORISTS TO ATTACK US FROM ABROAD AND SUBVERSIVE GROUPS TO ATTACK US FROM WITHIN. THE PUBLIC ADVOCATS, ACTIVIST GROUPS AND TERRORISTS ARE THE SAME ORGANIZATION. However many terrorist cells we bust there will always be new ones. But if we direct the FBI, CIA and Military Intelligence towards figureing out who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood here and everwhere abroad and then DOING something about them the Jihad will fade away.
Did you ever notice how they ALWAYS say it was a UN inspected election? As we can see from the instant civil war that followed, when the Muslim Brotherhood talks about having elections they only mean one election. Good luck Egypt.
They can make as many pretty statements as they like. While hamas continues to call for the complete destruction of Isreal like this woman just did, Israel has absolutely no moral obligation to allow them half of a chewed cookie crumb. And remember she is shilling for poor oppressed people who dropped other palestinans off of roofs a few years back. There are christians in gaza but they have to hide their alcohol consumption. That can't be easy for them. If I was a christian stuck in gaza I think I would need A LOT of alcohol. There is NO WAY they would have voted for Hamas. She is definatly passing on lies. If there are records saying christians voted for hamas that would be very interesting. Very pregnant chad interesting. And I am sure UN inspectors would be staggeringly competent. "They are welcome to stay if..." Oh ok let's take down that wall then. REPARATIONS! That fraking tears it. Where are the reperations for all the jews kicked out of arab countries since 1948? Where are the reparations for all the Jizzya? Where are the reperations for all the massacres? Wheres the reperations for all the bombings and shootings? Where are the reperations for the 270 million people arabs an muslims have killed? Where is the reperations for all the MILLIONS of Africans Europeans and Hindus arabs enslaved up untill the present day (or even a goddamned apology)? What of the return of the stolen Temple? And where are the reperations for all the people killed by her friends in Hamas? I'd say the debts owed side of that ledger is pretty full up. is now following The Typepad Team
Dec 27, 2010