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You accomplished such an amazing feat, completing 30 paintings in 30 days! And they are so beautiful alone and grouped together :) Every time I look at them, I see a new feature in one of them that I missed the first time. I am so structured when I quilt, I think that is what draws me to writing - the freedom of expression that can flow in any direction you want, like your painting.
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Oh I so agree with you about the need for breathing space and mind rest. I too am very guilty lately of replacing that peaceful time with mindless scrolling through social media feeds. I just started to become serious about this today. At lunch, I forced myself to turn my back to my computer and phone, and stare out the window at the sunshine while I ate. I also removed Twitter and Facebook apps from my phone so I don't get all the notifications. Instead, I am going to check them once a week on my computer (that's the plan!) After work, I tried to limit my phone time to one episode of Instagram before dinner. I kept that on my phone as I do smile when I see other's posts. I feel like I am in recovery admitting to these small steps lol! I also need to reduce the number of blogs on my blogfeed and pare it down to those that resonate with me; yours is one of them I want to keep :) You inspire me to slow down, create and enjoy life more.
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2016 on 43 Abundance at Life is in the Details
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Hi Lisa, I love your word for next year! This morning on my way to work I was contemplating how people set goals for the month/year, and I am never good at that. I'll have a few New Year's Resolutions, but they don't last long. I do like the one word idea though, and create would certainly be at the top of my list! I especially like the sub list of what you will create - you have some great ideas on there. Your last paragraph resonates with me also. This year we took two large trips, and renovated parts of our home. I am ready to stay home and create this year!
Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2015 on One Little Word 2016 at Life is in the Details
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What a great difference you have made in your life! We have done similar things and made a dent in our physical life (things, commitments etc) but now I need to declutter my mind and learn to be present in what I am doing. Brooke at Slow Your Home has some great podcasts that I recently started listening to and contemplating as I figure out how to add another dimension to our efforts at a simple life.
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Dec 17, 2015