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Tina Schrof
Springboro, Ohio
Taking life one day at a time!
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Loving everything!! The stamps, the buttons, the papers! OH MY!!
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Hello! I know I said I would keep blogging, but honestly, the days go by so fast. Update on the cooking: It seems to be going really well. One downside is that Kate likes my cooking so much she doesn't push to go out to eat near as much. via Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 11, 2012 at All About Katie
Hello! I know I said I would keep blogging, but honestly, they days go by so fast. Update on the cooking: It seems to be going really well. One downside is that Kate likes my cooking so much she doesn't push to go out to eat near as much. One of the things I am doing this summer is taking some online card classes. I have taken them in the past, but never really participated. Don't be shocked, but I am finally going to post a couple of envelopes I made from the Online Card Classes: Strech your Stamps series... Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2012 at All About Katie
Love the Heuy Mists!!! So pretty together!!
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Love how you used these on a scrapbook page!! :)
Wow!! I cannot believe my last post was July, 2010. I know I started this blog to be all about our wonderful daughter, Katie. But, I am going to add the twist of cards and just plain other things that makes Kate (yes, she has dropped the I as she is now 10) and her mom happy! I have had many friends ask me if I blog my cards I make. I have to say I do not. But with much encouragement, I am going to take the plunge and start posting on this blog. Kate is now 10 and... Continue reading
Posted May 31, 2012 at All About Katie
So so so so so pretty - love the colors you mixed together!!
I had to chuckle during violin practice on Wednesday. In true Katie fashion, she was trying to explain to Mrs. Abrams why she was not really smooth on a certain song. Now first, let me set the scene...... I am sitting behind Katie and Mrs. Abrams during practice. Let me say, Mrs. Abrams has the patience of a saint! She is always smiling and chuckling during the practices. I have to wonder if she ever has a bad day. Anyway.........while Katie talks to Mrs. Abrams, she is waiving her bow in the air and all around. I am truly waiting... Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2010 at All About Katie
Man o man o man! I can't believe how long it has been since my last post. Things have been super busy here at the Schrof household. I am in the thick of things putting together a the 5th Annual Neighbors for Springboro Schools golf outing. It is next Friday - have to say I will be glad when it is over! Erich's go live at work is on again, off again, on again - well, you get the point! It finally happened and now that brings on late hours. Then there are the violin lessons, teaching, working like a... Continue reading
Posted Jul 14, 2010 at All About Katie
I am sooooo loving the pictures!! I bet she was sooooo excited. Love seeing you two interact!
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I would say right now my must have item are actually items: All the new Tim Holtz distress inks. Love them all!!
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2010 on Four FABULOUS Giveaways! at Jennifer McGuire, ink.
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Yep, that is my little Katie Bug - a Nosy Butt!! She really does not know any strangers. If you have ever been out shopping with us, you know what I am talking about. (Don't worry, she does know she is never never to go with a stranger without them telling her the secret code word!!) Last night she went out to water the topsy turvies. While doing so, the next door neighbor was out. He is an older gentleman and lives with his wife and her daughter and 3 dogs. Yep, the same "next door" that the barking dog... Continue reading
Posted Jun 14, 2010 at All About Katie
Thanks a ton for sharing your wedding pictures. You two look just as happy today as you did then!!! Congrats and Happy Anniversary!!
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Saturday evening we went to dinner at BD Mongolian BBQ. We all really enjoy this restaurant and Katie loves watching them cook what she has created. As we were enjoying our dinner, the manager came by and asked how everything was. Of course, it was yummy! He then proceeded to ask Katie if BD's was her favorite restaurant. She proceed to say no, it was her second fav. Perplexed, he looked at her and asked which was her favorite. Of course, she said Skyline. (Now, first off, is there really a comparison here?) He laughed and went on his way.... Continue reading
Posted Jun 7, 2010 at All About Katie
YEA!! I bet Colin is sooooo happy to have his sisters here as well. Enjoy and I'll see you on Saturday!!
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Today was Katie's last day of school. So hard to believe that she is going to be in third grade this fall. I really do not know where the time has gone. When they say they grow up fast, they are not kidding! So with the end of the school year, came all the paperwork home. I really do not know what time is worse - the fall or the spring. Anyway, in the cluster of papers was a note regarding music for third grade. A decision had to be made if Katie would participate in General Music or in... Continue reading
Posted Jun 3, 2010 at All About Katie
Sooooo pretty!! You are the best at creating. I too love NYC. I get away with some of my friends there about once a year. In fact, it is about that time!!
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Katie used to called sunscreen, sunscream when she was little. To this day she will still slip up and use this fun word. I smile when she does. Today we went to the opening of the community pool. Katie is such a water bug and loves to play in any type of water. Before heading into the water, we did the ritual of putting on the "sunscream". She informed me that she has been hiding her tan by taking hot showers. Not real sure where that all came from, but I went along with the conversation. She said the cold... Continue reading
Posted May 29, 2010 at All About Katie
Wow - busy week and it is only Wednesday!! Anyway, last night I was trying to fix dinner before I had to head out for the School Board Meeting. As I am in the kitchen making dinner, I can hear the crazy dogs next door barking their heads off. Now mind you, the doors and windows are closed due to having the air on - hot flashes are not fun and make me grumpy -- so yes, the air is on! So, I am thinking one of our cats is outside taunting them. I go out onto the deck and... Continue reading
Posted May 26, 2010 at All About Katie
So cute!!! Flowers in no time flat?? Cute play on words. I am seeing about 10 more stamps that I sooooooo need. Thanks for the links!
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Katie and I just hung out today. We went to the North Park and had a picnic lunch. Then we walked around and ended up at the playground. Of course, she made new friends. Then walking back to the car we took another path. I love the way she names everything. There was a name for every bridge and even for some of the trees as Kids R Kids goes there in the summer. Seeing things through her eyes really brought me back earth after a very very stressful week. I wonder sometimes if she even knows she can do... Continue reading
Posted May 23, 2010 at All About Katie
Well, let me start by saying the soccer tournaments were a true roller coaster. We won one game and lost the other game. Tomorrow will be the second day of games. We play one and then will find out if we make it to the final game. My guess will be not, but it was fun while it lasted! So, this might be a little TMI, but stay with me for a minute. This morning we are getting ready to head out the door for the tourney in Troy, Ohio. I have to make one last potty stop. So, as... Continue reading
Posted May 22, 2010 at All About Katie
Here are a couple of pictures of Katie's 2nd Grade Trade Fair Entry. Razzle Dazzle Sparkle Jewelery Cleaner. She is truely so creative!! And yes, that is a sequined dress she is wearing! How can I not love her tons!! :) Continue reading
Posted May 21, 2010 at All About Katie
Man o man - we had some major storms come through the area tonight. At one point the tornado siren went off. Not what I call a relaxing Friday night at home!! Today I went to Katie's school for the 2nd grade Trade Fair. Katie has been working very very hard during the past two weeks on her project. She spent many hours coming up with the perfect concoction. At one point, I did not have any pitchers left. What was her item? Razzle Dazzle Sparkle Jewlery Cleaner. I am really proud of her! So I entered in to the... Continue reading
Posted May 21, 2010 at All About Katie
Well, Katie has been Katie today!! She wore her new outfit to school this morning. A great layered skirt and a shirt covered in sequins. She so loves bling and sparkle! We raced home to get ready for soccer practice and then I realized we missed it. Oh well. What can I say?? I started out sooooooo strong this morning and ended the day in a scattered brain kind of day. I know why and will struggle through the remainder of today and tomorrow. Why the struggle? Well, this really has nothing to do with Katie bug, but with the... Continue reading
Posted May 19, 2010 at All About Katie