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Welcome everyone ! Karma-Tsetchi is my Refuge name. It's mean "Long life divine activity" in Tibetan. My english is not perfect, Sorry !!! I do my best !!! I love you.
Interests: buddhism, cinema, books, philosophy, nature, world, pomeranian <3, travel.... lot of things.
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This box is really amazing and I am sure it will benefit lot of people around the world. Due to the kindness of Rinpoche and the incredible work of KMP we can see beautiful Dharma seeds like this box ready to be used and to spread the Dharma for everyone. The concept is very good because it gives the opportunity to people far away from centers/temple to know, understand and practice Lama Tsongkhapa practice. This is really good also for Tsongkhapa’s lineage to grow more and more for the benefit of others. I am really, and each time, surprised by all the nice work of Kechara House to give people a chance to find the Dharma, and the amazing promotion around it. I am happy dear Rinpoche that you are really happy with this new box; this is so nice to see one of your dreams realized. Thank you very much to KMP for this and I hope be able to order one of these box soon hehehe :p Send to all of you much love from Scotland. Tsetchi
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Jun 7, 2010
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Jun 7, 2010
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Jun 7, 2010
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Jun 7, 2010
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Jun 7, 2010
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Jun 7, 2010
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Jun 7, 2010
This looks really nice ! I hope you had a great dinner Rinpoche ! :)
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I don't understand why there is some people that can remmember their previous lives something like 200 years ago but not what happened between these periods and their present life. I mean, it's like there was nothing between their present live's birth and previous life's death 200 years ago... Can you explain Rinpoche please?
Dear Rinpoche, I am watching Regression, the second part. This is for me the most interesting video because I wanted in past use hypnosis to make me remember my past lives. I was Christian but already believed in reincarnation. This is amazing how the lady is speaking French under hypnosis, I can understand her perfectly and her accent is stunning, knowing that she do not speak French in this life. This clearly shows that we have so muck knowledge somewhere hide in our mind. They are speaking of human lives, but not others. It’s strange because when I was really young girl, I remember seeing “memories” of myself as a fox. This is really strange, it’s sad I can’t remember human previous lives, maybe it’s my first! hahaha! That’s why I believed in reincarnation in childhood, far before going in Buddhism and know about reincarnation. I think that memories are not lost, but stock in the mind lives after lives, we just have too much ignorance to see it, too much veils. Buddha saw his previous lives as he had a clear mind which was free from all veils. I think that posting these videos was a great idea, and this is nice that science tries to understand reincarnation in a serious way, and not only reject it. I hope that this will help people to be more open, even if they do not believe, they try to understand it. I loves the video from the little Scottish boy too (he’s so cute), but we see here clearly that memories can be different in childhood in this life as we perceived it with our judgements in adulthood in the previous. As adult we’ve got judgement on our reality, as you say a child will see things, speak about things without concepts or judgement. Thank you very much :) Much love !
Thank you Rinpoche, this is a deep and great video, I hope as well that his familly is well today.
Dear Rinpoche, I am very happy that Mumu is well now. I can understand what you felt, for my little rat Tito I was praying everyday to have his sickness instead of him... unfortunately he did not survived... It is so good when our animals are healthy and happy again after a sickness. This is great that Mumu had so much friends to be with him at the clinic and that you have a really good veterinary. You will be abble to rest a little at night with Mumu now :) I send much love to Mumu !
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May 1, 2010
This is really nice to see :) I saw once rainbows around the moon too, with blue, white, purple, green, yellow colors it was really beautiful :) I am happy for all of you that this is a very auspicious omen and I wish that all succes goes for kechara house, everyone from it and your futur project :)
Oser is really beautiful ! I am hapy that she have so much merit to have you as daddy Rinpoche :) She is so cutie with her pink shirt :D Mumu will be happy to have a new friend with him ! Maybe a girlfriend later ?? <3 :D Much love, kisses and hugs to Oser =)
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Apr 22, 2010
Your blog is so precious for whom have not the possibility to come hear your teachings. Thank you very much Rinpoche, you are so kind to share your wisdom with all of us. "Nothing is accomplished in one day...the bigger the project, the more the obstacles...but the obstacles you suffer is for suffer it without suffering...Tsem Tulku" This is really true, thank you to remind us that ! Much love Tsetchi
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Beautiful statue ! More colours, it's like a new one ! Where did you put the plant ? Is it growing ? Much care and love.
Oh my ! He is really cute on this big pillow ! My 2 little female ferrets are sleeping a lot with me these day... they are soooo cuuuuutie in the morning sleeping close to me... I would love to send you a photo as soon as possible ^o^ Big hug to Mumu !!
Really really nice ! I love these fishies ! I don't know if we can find the same kind here in UK... ? Oh I see Eeyore !!! I love it !!!! Nounours is a found of Eeyore! :p The fishtank is really well decorated, I love all the colors and with the black sand at the bottom it's making it beautiful !
What a nice news dear Rinpoche!! I am happy this cutie bird have found his home in yours :) Did you gave him a name? It is really good sign that he's eating well and not afraid of humans, he seems in good health :) When do you plan to put him in the aviary? Much love, Tsetchi
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This is a good lesson of loving withour eyes, but just with heart... Really lovely story, I loved to see this ! Thank you for sharing ! :)
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Apr 6, 2010
Really nice and auspicious :) Thos mushroom is really beautiful :) I am really happy for KH and hope these signs will bring something really great for you all ! With love.
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