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GFXs with a 50mm f/1.4 Super Takumar. Many of the old Takumars have good coverage on the Fuji sensor as well. They don't have the clinical sharpness of the modern Fuji lenses, but they render beautifully. Tom
Hi Mike: Most of the books mentioned in your post and the comments came as no surprise. E.g., I was directed in high school to read The Brothers Karamazov as a disciplinary measure and it is one of the most influential books I have ever read; I tried to read The Magic Mountain (auf deutsch) in college, but wasn't up to the task. The mention of Giants in the Earth completely surprised me. My mother was the daughter of Norwegian immigrants who homesteaded in the Dakotas, so I am familiar with the book, but I think of it as somewhat obscure. I have attached a picture of my great-grandparents' homestead in South Dakota and can only imagine the feeling of isolation during the howling winds of winter.
Hi Mike: I live somewhat east of you along the shores of Lake Erie. I very much agree that winter's snow transforms the gray, dreary landscape. This winter has been a non-existant and, so far, a disappointment. The snowfall you mentioned fell here as well. It transformed this ski/snowmobile trail in western New York into a fairyland. A bit of freezing rain, hoarfrost and moist snow (in that order) clung to every surface. The image attached is a stitch from two Sigma DP2m files.
Mike said: "but there was a time when Leica M lenses were renowned for being tiny and Olympus was innovating by designing OM Zuiko lenses to be compact and light and yet still optically very good." You could mention the Pentax M lenses as well. The 20mm f/4 could fit in a shirt pocket, try that with a modern f/1.4. Pentax had kept their 645 lenses fairly petite as well,compare the 645 400mm to one from Canon or Nikon. Since the Hoya and then Ricoh takeover however, big is better.
I seem to have a fifth version of the 50mm f/1.4. IR mark to the left of 4 and 232g in mass, both consistent with the 7-element version; "A" rather than "auto" and "2" rather than a dot appears on the aperture ring, both consistent with the 8-element version. In any case, it's a wonderful lens.
" I have no idea at all what he is. All I know is that he's twice as big as he was last year, and he's sending tendrils both into the sky and snaking along the ground at a frantic rate. When I garden nearby the little tendrils do seem to reach and grab for me" I can't tell for sure, but it might be a wisteria. I love their flowers but have often felt that the tendrils are designed to trap me or any other moving creature causing a fall, death and decomposition to nourish the plant. Just kidding, but sometimes the plant seems malicious.
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I haven't read the comments, so I apologize if I'm repetitious. Do it, and make it bigger, it won't add that much to the cost and at some point you will need the space. If this is a detached building, add a bathroom. In-floor heat would be nice too, but we all have to make compromises.
It appears Ricoh is quite serious about the Pentax brand. I find it interesting that some posters declare this camera too late. For me, it appears to be the most capable FF DSLR currently available, how can that be too late? Pixel shift appears to allow this fully equipped camera to compete with the sensor performance of the Sigma Foveon.
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2016 on O Happy Pentax Day at The Online Photographer
Merry Christmas to you and yours Mike. Your first December in NY is a rather warm one. Here's an image from the last warm December in western NY. Note rain drops on the window. Taken with a 50mm f/1.4 Super Takumar BTW (8 element version). Tom
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Hi Mike: Nice story. I'm sure it cost a pretty penny; we once spent $4k to remove a large maple from near the house. It was a fascinating process to watch, but not to pay for. The Japanese maples are spectacular in the fall, it seems every color in the spectrum is displayed at the same time. Attached is a shot of my neighbor's tree taken this fall. All the color in the background is from the same tree. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying your new house and winter has been very kind so far. Tom
I would have expected the A7rII to appear more frequently than it has; demographic of TOP readers? For me it's the Pentax 645Z and someone to help carry the lenses. It's very hard to pick one song, but if forced I might pick Gimmie Shelter, largely due to Merry Clayton's vocals
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You are far enough from Buffalo that rooting for the Bills is optional; however,"But of course many people in Buffalo don't even root for the Bills" isn't the case and the few who don't are unlikely to admit it publicly.
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Congratulations Mike. It's a beautiful area,the gallery is a great idea and you have other motivations. I believe I took this less-than-spectacular shot from E. Lake Rd., maybe near your new house? Tom
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"Wi-Fi" brought a smile to my face. Perhaps you're fortunate not to have asked for an enlarger in the photo department; they may have directed you to the pharmacy.
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"Oh, to live on sugar mountain...."
Quite coincidentally I recently posted two versions of an image and asked for thoughts (that is a way to get critiques). The same file, in one case minimal processing and a shoreline that is at an awkward angle. The second version has a straightened shoreline and some vibrance added. Opinions were divided, with a slight preference for the manipulated image. Critiques can reveal things you didn't see, but, I'm with Elizabeth on this, ultimately it's your image and your decision (I like the straight shoreline). Tom
"1. C'mon. Do I really have to tell you? You can't guess? Seriously, you already know, right?" Well, the 645Z should be on this list and since it hasn't appeared yet, it must be the choice for #1. Where's the Quattro? :)
Hi Mike: I hope you got away from the Wi-Fi and had a chance to see the sunset. The linked shot was taken that evening in Dunkirk, NY, about 40 miles from Erie. Happy travels, Tom
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2014 on Snafu! at The Online Photographer
Mike: My solution is to use printer ink in a fountain pen. The Epson large format cartridges often have considerable ink remaining (I believe that was the subject of a lawsuit); you could also use a new cartridge if you have a lot of signing to do.
Toggle Commented May 16, 2014 on Pen for Signing Prints at The Online Photographer
Those who have only lived in benign climates won't understand - how could they? The rails shot is lovely. Lithium batteries are a Godsend.
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2014 on Lens of Winter at The Online Photographer
Pentax 645D. There aren't many cameras that will yield a better file and when lens costs are factored in (used), it's a bargain.
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2013 on Camera of the Year 2013 at The Online Photographer
Bruno is correct, but perhaps supplies more detail than necessary. An AA filter that can be turned on or off is a really innovative development. Consider: are there many discussions of Nikon D800 vs. D800E?
Mike: I see the potential of youth and the hopes and pride of parents in this photo. Digital/film and +/- a black border doesn’t change much. Tom
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2013 on Lillian and Rebecca at The Online Photographer
Thanks for the link Mike. Jay Maisel, Pete Turner and Ernst Haas among others have been an inspiration to me. They all share that joy of seeing.
Mike: This link works
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