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Thanks Ryan. Missed that it was only in a non-Server environment (but have still seen the error way to often, before we went Server, on all XP or Win7 etc.). That said.. The troubleshoot regarding the Server, is a solution that we have tried but failed to see do any difference, sending in server logs and all that. So supports solution was basically "do a new Central when it happens". Just sayin'.. :)
I'm sorry. But I/we see this issue on a daily basis, with all Win7 - 64 bit machines on a Revit server. So that it only occurs in mixed environments is not true - even if your not able to recreate. Sadly the files sometimes "corrupts" during this hiccup, and the only solution is to create a new central file. This is of course something that I have communicated with support about, without getting closer to a solution.
Well.. typepad won't let me post the code. But I hope the question makes sence anyway..
Hi, I have one question, that I hope you can help me with. I want to direct my users to access family and detail library to folders on our server. How do I change/add the syntax? I have tried This adds only one folder, but it has a wrong name, and goes to a folder on the C drive. I'm pretty sure I'm missing something obvious error in my code :) But what? I know about the new tool, but had all my other costum settings done and working in the xml file, before the tool was released. A hassle to start using it now.
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Jul 5, 2011