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The Christian land scape be very discouraging gut Jesus is not. This is what i take comfort in. who discouraging you ask? take this little prayer i posted it didn't start out this simple. almost 20 years ago it started with a complete biblical detail from Adam through the bible and ending with the scond Adam and Peter and the keys he used the Jesus gave him. Three parts 20+ pages each. sent them to thousands of churches. Not one response. Used to post to user group (thanks to me has died), Often would kill hundred or more (longest 220 +-) post on different threads. just using logic from scripture, it soon became tiring how no one cared what scripture said. Then one day Jesus said propfsy, yea right Lord said I. As i walked away agreeing i would say waht he tells me I glanced back (not literaly) and said " You know if this does not come out as you said i am a false profit and not saved" a prospect i would not look forward to. As you may surmise that the prophcys were exactly as Jesus said. Here is my point, the last prophcey involed some one bacisaly praying the prayer of Jesus. Here is the hardest thing i had to prophcey about. Jesus only asked for ONE person to pray the prayer abd share it with the user group. Not One Responded Now in this latter days Jesus is turining to individuals on the blogsphear. Iv'e sent thousand of post and as far as i know not one has been obident. This post need editing so stoping Please Pray the Prayer of Jesus
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A Prayer From Jesus Jesus has giving this task to me. For someone has to tell you, You ARE, going to hell Why? You ask. You believed man instead of what Jesus has established as salvation. For those who do not want to end up in the lake of fire Pray this prayer These are the last days, This is your last chance. Pray the Prayer from Jesus, and KNOW! - A PRAYER FROM JESUS - This prayer is from Jesus that we may hear from Him, that He may speak to our hearts. It only consist of three simple steps. 1, We need to read one scripture. This will focus us in the word that brings everlasting life. 2, Since this prayer is from Jesus we need to direct our prayer to Him personally. Too often Christian focuses they're prayer's to G_D or Father. Scripture proclaims, that Jesus also should be the focus of our prayer. 3, The simplest part of this Prayer is to ask Jesus one question. Please, all that is required for this question is that it should be simple. Let Jesus Himself finish the question when He gives you that understanding through this prayer. The PRAYER A) The scripture that is the focus of this prayer is "ACTS 2:38". It's not necessary to do any study into this scripture. Jesus will give you the understanding that will resonate in your heart. Just read Acts 2:38, keep it in your heart and take this one scripture to prayer B) The most important part of this prayer is that we need to direct our prayer directly to Jesus. If you normally would say Father in your prayer, change your focus from the Father to Jesus, by lifting Jesus name up every time you would normally use Father in your prayer. C) Maybe the hardest part of this prayer is the question that we need to ask Jesus. For man is always trying to understand the question, instead of listening to the answer. The simplest question is all that is required. Simply ask Jesus, 'WHY'? For those who are obedient Tsquare777(at)\
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