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Mar 21, 2013
This reminded me of a Tumblr blog I saw recently: A blog devoted to telling you why you shouldn't like various celebrities for reasons that usually amount to "appropriation" of increasingly spurious racial or cultural characteristics/clothing items. Did you know Zooey Deschanel wore a Kimono-style top in some film she was in? I didn't either, but now I do I can denounce her. Lady Gaga "appropriated" (and, God forbid, "sexualised") the burqa, which is definitely a bigger crime against humanity than the burqa itself. The blanket characterisations of costumes and hairpieces they disapprove of as representing "yellowface", "redface", "brownface", etc., is also perhaps, "problematic".
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Mohammed, you do the earlier commenters (including myself) a disservice: the "state" in "state multiculturalism" is not a "papery fig leaf", it is a redundant addition made by Cameron to emphasise the fact that he wasn't opposed to pluralism, but instead to the policy of multiculturalism. "State multiculturalism" is tautologous. Talking about multiculturalism when we really mean tolerance is pointless, we should have the debate on its own terms, not on terms we choose to invent for ourselves.
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Doesn't being for something require being against the antithesis of those things? Multiculturalism isn't just a statement of fact describing a pluralistic society, nor is it simple tolerance, it is an ideology that seeks to give legal and political recognition to groups based on their cultural or religious differences. It isn't just a Tory war on multiculturalism, it's a liberal, feminist and secularist one; it's a 'war' that ought to be fought by anyone who believes in the primacy of individual rights over group rights. Multiculturalism has been at the heart of social policy at every level in this country for decades; it has shaped how we have dealt with the rise in immigration, set back the process of integration and arguably contributed to events like the riots seen in our Northern towns. Multiculturalism is not neutral, it is not simply the "mixing of cultures", it is a policy response to that mixing. Having said all that, I agree the problem with the current policy is a failure to articulate a positive alternative, an alternative that should be based on tolerance, rather than the wooly "Britishness" that the last government tried in vain to define.
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This whole debacle has been deeply shaming. I couldn't understand why Guido Fawkes was bothering with this crap; anyone as politically tuned in as him would know something about the Hagues' problems having children, so the assumption must be that he was muckraking on the assumption that they wouldn't reveal this private matter to the general public. Guido and his cronies have revealed themselves as utter scum.
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Well, I guess we know why Cameron decided to hobble the '22 the day before this. This could be a very demoralising couple of years.
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May 20, 2010