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You and Kass have no class and no, you have not been fair. Read your blogs...
You make no sense Zorn. He's right (Selectivity)....all you can reply with are insults. Based on your replies, I sincerely hope your bosses see that your only only hope for future employment is freelance with the National are is the Trib......hopefully they will let Kass go as well....what a disgrace you both are to anyone considering journalism as a career.... By the way, the two of you should take your pictures off your doesn't help.... ZORN REPLY-- One vote for "Selectivity"! Given that it's mostly pro-Blago partisans in this discussion now, I'm hardly surprised.
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2011 on Riven jury? at Change of Subject
Tin Foil Hats: Among a fringe community of paranoids, aluminum helmets serve as the protective measure of choice against invasive radio signals. Zorn must be wearing one to protect himself from basic logic and intelligence. Nice post "Selectivity"! The most informative thing I have read to date about the law in this case. Certainly would never get that from the Trib....
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2011 on Riven jury? at Change of Subject
"O Come on" Zorn....the jury should consider the O Come on defense: O Come on...why is Judge Zagel so biased against the defense shown in court by his suppression of evidence by the defense and treating the defense counsel like children...and openly commenting in closing arguments.. O Come on...why is the law so vague that there are 10-12 charges for the same crime! Charges are brought, charges are dropped...let's hope something sticks? O Come on...why isn't Jesse Jr on trial? Didn't his camp bring forth a bribe and didn't he perjure himself in court? And what was that about Rahm and his congressional seat? Why the selective prosecution? O Come on...why are they doing this over again? Is that fair to the defendant? O Come bad language and talk tantamount to a crime? Om Come on...why did the judge issue a gag order? Why have Zorn and Kass not been subject to a gag order?
EZ - WOW! Looks like some of these folks have you on the ropes! They are making great common sense arguments using facts and data. If you state the "Madigan Plan" was nothing but a phantom, then why were all the tapes and other evidence as to this plan suppresed by the judge? If you argue that it was not relevant, then why all the testimony last year about expensive ties and hiding in bathrooms? These two trials have been nothing but one sided, biased and outright ridiculous. The funniest part was Reid Schar whining in his closing argument about it not being fair and that Blago should play by the rules of the court! That is so laughable....the Govt, the Court and you in the media have never played by the rules...ACQUIT on all charges...
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2011 on Riven jury? at Change of Subject
Zorn - You need to stay focused! Bribery and Extortion are charges in this case, yet Jr's Indian friends are the ones that proposed it and approached the brother. Recall what happened when Blago brother approached? Declined! Kendra mentioned you are not being intellectual honest in a prior posting. There is nothing intellectual at all in your opinions on this case and that goes for Kass too. Fitz set the tone with the public with that tainted and bombastic press conference...and the media via the Tribune furthers that one sided and biased view. When you think about it, firing the Tribune editorial staff now seems like a pretty good idea to me! ZORN REPLY -- Declined!? I don't think so.
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2011 on Riven jury? at Change of Subject
First of all, Tim H and Tom are not the same guy...although he makes some good points. I have not kept up with the postings until this morning, I agree with Kendra...why is EZ not answering her question about Jr. Here is another politician admitting to an affair (from this whole trail mess), chowing down with the Indians who testified about offering bribes (which were subsequently rejected), and then committing perjury on the stand by saying Lipinski asked for a donation for Blago. In this day and age, how the heck does a guy like that get re-elected? Obama sends Balanoff, Rahm asked for special consideration of his own congressional seat....I don't get it....they went after the wrong guy!
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2011 on Riven jury? at Change of Subject
If the glove don't fit must ACQUIT! And it don't fit!
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2011 on Riven jury? at Change of Subject
Once again Zorn you and Kass have proved that you both are ill informed and part of a very biased Tribune staff. If the charges for Robert were dropped in the "interest of justice" than why was he charged at all? The prosecution tried to use him and it did not work. In this day and age of federal indictments like the one in the Edwards case and the one in this case, one has to wonder why the media is not outraged at such a pathetic use of taxpayer resources. You and Kass should be writing for the Enquirer.
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2011 on Best verdict prediction so far at Change of Subject
Zorn - I would certainly hope this jury does the right thing and sees through all this nonsense and votes to acquit. This case is about nothing but talk, talk and more talk. Fitz's big press conference about a crime spree was never shown. Obama sent people about the senate seat. Rahm was recorded trying to save his congressional seat. Wyma and Monk both snitched and made up lies because they took money and/or were being investigated. Jesse Jr perjured himself in court as Lipinski pointed out. Indians offered cash and it was refused. Robert's charges were dropped in the "interest of justice" and that begs the question why he was ever charged in the first place. Both men defended themselves courageously. Let's hope this jury has the same courage. ZORN REPLY -- In Tom's Compliled Statutes it's OK to conspire to commit a crime and direct that acts be taken in furtherance of a crime just so long as the crime being spoken of never takes place. And if Blago had governed in the State of Tom, he'd be OK today. I'd like to think that we all hope the jury looks at the conduct that's been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, compares it to the law of the land and makes their conclusions based on that. And where do you get off saying Wyma and Monk lied? I see NO support for that wildly swinging accusation. Nice try, though. You Blago backers never quit.
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2011 on Best verdict prediction so far at Change of Subject
Steve...are you kidding? How does his decision show a commendable sense of justice when he offered him a deal the night before that was refused? Only after the deal was turned down did Fitz drop the charges..Why the hero worship of this prosecutor? An overzealous prosecutor with an unseemly taste for blood is actually pretty accurate..if he truly had a sense of justice, he would not have ruined this man's life both emotionally and financially...
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2010 on Sparing Rob Blagojevich at Steve Chapman
He (Robert) played no role in enabling any so called corrupt schemes. You Zorn are not even worthy of carrying this man's bags...I have read your crap throughout this trial and you have been and remain completely off base about any of these people or what actually happened...You should be writing about an abusive prosecutor turned persecutor...
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Aug 27, 2010