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Tuan Huynh
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The eBook reader is a dying breed, for all its emerging technicality and novel form. As Apple introduced the iPad, the eBook experience will, or perhaps already, change dramatically. Young generations, as well as some of the previous, are fusing their activities with not only reading but also 'playing' with the information they hold. Increasingly, it's not so much of a battle between eBook readers but more than of a war between mobile devices. Amazon has already started its process of renovate its famous Kindle to compete with the iPad. Namely, they try to insert more apps into the device, effectively removing it from the eBook platform into the new ground created by Apple: the realm of apps and diverse experiences. Reading books online is but a single feature. Singularity is too difficult to be sustained in this innovative age.
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Very insightful post Dr. Irving! I throughoutly enjoyed reading it. As the shift from mass production to mass collaboration is becoming more prevalent, the question that corporations should seek to answer is how to include the consumers in the corporate circle of collaborative effort. Many ideas are there, but effective ones have yet to emerge.
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Jan 19, 2010