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Oh thank you Josh! I love reading about the schpilkes (this is now my word of the MONTH) from your perspective. Last time I made it into Dead Guy was when we walked the floor of BEA and I told you about the Tudor twitterverse and facebook excitement. I was so proud when you shared on Dead Guy the discovery that there is a facebook group called We Who Are Rad Enough to Detest the Conniving Bitchface Who was Jane Seymour. ROTFL. Guess what--they still haven't admitted me?! My application is "pending." Three immediate responses: Now that close to 100 bloggers have requested the book or are reviewing or mentioning the book, I feel like I'm falling into the warm bath of the Internet. This part isn't scary. You know I've been a facebook addict for years; in the last six months I've "cracked" twitter, I think. I have three email accounts and I check them ALL, all day. So even though some of the reviews may be mixed or some snark may emerge, it is exciting because these are my people. It feels like "Freaks": "One of us, one of us, one of us..." The book tour obsession among my friends and relatives--that I don't quite get. Where is this coming from? You've been helpful in handling this, and it occurred to me when reading this column how dimensional your job is. Soon after I signed with you, or maybe even before I signed, you told me a big part of being an agent is "managing expectations." Now you're helping me manage the expectations of my friends and family. I've had three offers of help in setting up my own tour and two demands that I man up and tell the publisher to free up the travel money now. OY. Finally, this is exciting and rather harrowing along with being wonderful. I keep thinking about notes I once received from a screenplay consultant on my first script, about the feminist Mary Wollstonecraft: "It is so great to read this after reading hundreds of screenplays with the line of dialogue 'This is the mission we've trained for.' " That was such an awesome note, with many aspects to it, but I want to say to you, Josh, that as this writer of the "bad-ass nun thriller" looks down the long cold barrel of the gun of prepublication--you know what? Josh, this is the mission we've trained for!!
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I'm looking forward to the journey, Josh
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May 24, 2011