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Robin Tugan
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in the past we have asked my husbands Ex wife if she would terminate her parental rights. She has agreed to it but no one has ever pursued it. We arent sure where to begin or even if we can start the process or if she has to. She just recently sent me a letter stating that if the courts were going to keep giving her the run around she would get a lawyer and terminate her rights because no one will tell her what to do with her money. We are fine with her NOT paying. BUt from what I have read I will need to adopt the kids in order for her to NOT pay. She lives in Fl. She barley calls once a week and shes only been back to see them 1 time in 10 years. We have taken them to her about 5-6 differant times. Does any of this help us? She just sent our oldest daughter a letter on FB asking them if they wanted a relationship with them. We would never and have never kept her from them or visa versa. thanks
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Aug 17, 2011