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Mike Haubrich, FCD
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I think it is fair to give credit where credit is due. John Townsend in Lavendar Magazine (Minneapolis/St. Paul) had this to say about the Minnesota Atheists: Many radio programs broadcast locally are queer-inclusive. But aside from KFAI’s Fresh Fruit, which is total queer content, no program is as fully queer-supportive as Atheists Talk. Large time chunks have been devoted to Wayne Besen, the Fagbug, and Project 515. Plus, an organic queer sensitivity weaves throughout other segments, because of the atheist and democratic value that separates religion and state. Lavendar issue #368.
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From my experience with a jealous partner or two, the issue for them was that they were aware that my fantasies were not about them - which is what they really wanted. They wanted my full attention sexually in any act I was involved in. I don't have to guess about this, because each of them told me so explicitly.
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