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Pual Nji Atanga again, Not strange, He has got the qualities of a tipical CPDM militant; Exconvict,fruatstar,half baked education,and a big time crogue.
Welcome 'Le Car'on the Douala-Yaounde highways.If you think your goal is to reduce the number of road accidents on this high way then you have only touched a tip of the iceburg. The answer to this question is not limited to bad driving nor poor technical states of the vehicles that pligh this road.Much of it lies on the state of the road;too narrow,limited road signs,many dips and rises, dangerous bends etc which the government of Cameroon has failed to answer. How can a 7ms wide road supports that hudge volume of traffic that is the case of this highway? Where does the proceed from the toll gates that cut accross this highway at certain intervals? The solution to problem is a double lane of two tracks on the highway. All thesame this is no cause for concern to the power that be since most of his gansters hardly use this road. All planned is not all achieved. The test of it is in the plighing of the road. Time will tell.