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Neven: Regarding the effect on the Greenland ice sheet, from the melting of the Arctic ice sheet: It seems to my "unscientific mind", that the Arctic ice sheet is serving somewhat like insulation, in that the Arctic ice is helping to "preserve" the northern portion of Greenland's ice sheet. Seems to me that as the Artic ice sheet disappears, it opens the door for greater melting of the northern portion of the Greenland ice sheet. The "feedback mechanisms" all seem to be working in concert over the last year: (1) warmer temps melt more ice, (2) more ice melt means more dark ocean absorbing more heat, (3) which leads to warmer temperatures still, (4) which leads to tundra melting and releasing methane, (5) which leads to more warmth, (6) which leads to more fires, (7) which leads to more smoke and ash particles deposited on ice sheets, (8) which leads to less albedo and thus more heat absorbed by ice, etc, etc, etc. This is going to get a lot uglier in years ahead, and I can't believe that many people really don't see it. I guess we should have learned ONE THING from the banking crisis: Government won't do anything until the Grim Reaper is knocking on the door.
Couple of items: 1) Neven: GREAT site...and thank you for the continuing education. I'm not a scientist, just a "bean counter" (CPA)...and over the last couple of years, my "skeptical side" (skeptical of BOTH sides) pushed me to start a website of facts at Of course....after looking at FACTS, its very easy to see that climate change (1) is happening, (2) is speeding up (3) is primarily caused by humans, and (4) we need to do something about it before we are SOL. 2) "Al Roger" posted the 10 lowest years of snow cover in North America above. Al, I've tried to Google for that data and have not yet found it....could you post your source so I could add it to my website? Thanks all.....again, especially a thank you to Neven for your diligence and education. Buddy.... PS. This is the first chart I put together back in March of this year that "put me over the edge". I'm a "visual" guy, and this chart told me what was happening.
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Aug 17, 2012