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Thanks for this list, definitely a good read. We like how you highlighted that "wearable tech will allow music and brand marketers to capture more in depth data then ever before". We believe the same is true in this "think mobile" era where gathering customer data to know individual preferences and listening habits is a win-win situation for all involved parties. Advertisers are able to offer users more targeted & relevant ads, which in return allows brands to better monetise their audience by offering advertising partners higher conversion. Users, on the other hand, have better listening experience by getting the least intrusive audio ads. Having said that, we would add another trend on the list: Music is a key mobile in-app content for marketers to gather in-depth customer data. Mass market music streaming solutions, like Pandora and Spotify, are powerful for short-term awareness campaigns because they cater to a large audience. However, using third party app means it will be co-branded and your competitors are working on the same third party platform. For instance, Hyundai, Mini, Honda and VW have all ran campaigns with Spotify recently. Moreover, the users are Spotify’s and therefore they own the data, so you lose the connection back to your customers and the opportunity to build a relationship with them. A trending approach among popular brands is to invest in a fully-branded or white-labelled music streaming app so that they are able to own and have real-time access to valuable user data. American Eagle, for instance, added music streaming in its mobile app, and as a result, users spent 3x longer on mcommerce. By doing so, the retail company is also able to extract and own valuable user data and keep long-term relationship with its customers. We are happy to discuss more about white label music streaming solutions and to hear about other views from the community. Cheers!
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2016 on 6 Top Music Marketing Trends For 2016 at hypebot
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Jan 11, 2016