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I'd like for you (or anybody for that matter) to explain to me how being on Spotify gets you "wider exposure." Bruce - maybe put this as an open question? Everybody keeps acting like Spotify is some discovery service - like somehow being on Spotify is going to get you discovered by somebody. I'd say it's just another ocean you're throwing a pebble into the bottom of. Seriously, the only mechanism for discovery is somebody accidentally stumbling across you whilst searching for something else, or recommendations from a friend via a direct link or a playlist they build. If you're saying "discovery" is from the recommendations, then wouldn't Facebook already have been this game-changer Spotify supposedly is? What about Soundcloud? Spotify is only different from those services in that it has less people, and it pays a few micro-fractions of a penny if somebody happens to stream your song. Everybody counters the crappy little payments with "but, it's not about that, it's about getting heard and making people come out to your shows." Well if that's the case, Facebook is better! Telling people they somehow have more of a chance of being "discovered" or even listened to once because they're on Spotify might as well be telling them that if they pay $10,000 to rent the Whiskey out they'll be discovered, signed to a huge record deal, and be issued a private jet.
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It's a 10MB (98 page) PDF, so it'll take a second. I also added links to directly download the PDF from Google Docs, Amazon, and Dropbox, so there shouldn't be anymore issues seeing it.
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Aug 4, 2011