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IMO, in the four years of iPhone's existence, the vast majority of interested parties have either: switched to AT&T (and who can really afford to switch back) or bought Android phones. Of the Android users many have found it meets their needs perfectly, and the desperation they once felt for their Apple habit has been sated. Of the rest I expect we'll see a lot of people switch only to find that simple things they once saw as standard (like notifications) aren't there, and they'll be disappointed with their decision. Outside of that, for all the people who just prefer the way Apple works (I'm not one, but I won't begrudge them their opinions) and will make the switch either from the evils of AT&T (which some have surmised sucks as badly as it does DUE to the iPhone) or from their temporary "second choice" of Android, yes, I think this is both too little and too soon. Assuming Apple shows their usual disrespect for their users and serves up a brand new unit with new functions and possibly LTE in just six months, there will be a lot of shafted Verizon owners (worse than how Apple usually shafts with annual upgrades in an industry that only wants you to upgrade every two years), especially with the new upgrade policies they just put in place. All in all, the world's moved on from the desperate fervor it once held for the much-lauded device. It's still deeply respected and held on a pedestal, but alternate OSes have done a solid job of upping the game and competing admirably, making what was once the only good choice of solid smartphone experience just one of many. Without bringing a killer, must-have, exclusive feature to Verizon, the iPhone's entered a MUCH more crowded playing field with its only accolade being the fruit printed on the back. Will it sell? Of course. Will it sell well? Undoubtedly. Will people lavish it with praise? You bet. But will there be a bigger outcry than we've seen before if and when an LTE or iPhone 5 or iPhone4S or iPhone4G is released within the same year and nobody can upgrade without paying full price? Almost guaranteed. Apple's day as the king is over, and they moved on from AT&T at the wrong time. Two years ago or six months from now might have been a different story.
Couldn't a computer program be designed to read, interpret, and quantify the results of the image for us, providing us with the same proof that a material observer was able to see the same thing we would have? Or would we just be extending the logic chain one further notch into the binary data in the computer not existing until we look at the results on the screen?
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Apr 3, 2010