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A retired Army officer with three terriers.
Interests: History (all kinds), theology, literature, cowboy boots, the War Between the States, Norwich Terriers.
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Forget 31 July 2016 as the alleged start date for the full blown Trump counter intelligence investigation. That day is a sham. The actual campaign to paint Trump as a full fledged stooge of Russia started in early May 2016.... Continue reading
Posted 3 hours ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Russia did not hack the DNC. This is not my opinion. It is a conclusion of several cyber security professionals that flows from one very specific, easily tested claim made by the Special Counsel,--that Guccifer 2.0 was a fictional identity... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
TTG and jdledell Unfortunately, neither of you qualifies as an objective judge of Trump or what he might do.
mightypeon Spam is mightily present in the diet of Hawaiians, South Koreans and Filipinos, all from long association with the US Army. You can't get American soldiers to eat it any more, but then, like the IDF of today, they are from a Gucci generation. The high suicide rate in the US forces now is mainly either among old guys like me or among enlisted soldiers who have never been overseas. Germany's period of poverty after WW2 probably didn't last long enough for you to acquire a taste for it. I remember from 1947-49 in Bremen and Frankfurt that the Germans we associated with and employed in the house would not eat sweet corn (maize) as opposed to field corn (animal fodder). That was a puzzlement to the Americans.
I luvs Spam. It is part of my army heritage. Southern diner mixed grill - Spam, Bacon and Scrapple.
All - I have been counseled that I was excessively harsh in responding to some of the material in this post. I accept that but do not accept the idea that every living person on earth has a right to come live in the US.
SWMBO insists that I continue after a break
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on A Break Point at Sic Semper Tyrannis
I will be 79 on the 31st of the month. I will think things over until then. pl Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
TTG- If they make it across the border several time after starting from their original start points I might agree with you. But, then, the traffickers are now busing them up to undefended parts of the border and shooing them across. That takes some of the "Running Man" sport out of the game.
jdledell You are really quite sanctimonious about immigration in spite of the fact that we took your family in and have a family history of tribal murder in Palestine. and seem to imagine that you are an authorized advocate for some sort of earthly paradise in North America. I cannot claim like you and TTG to be descended from illegals. My 17th Century ancestors in New England were good at; preaching Puritan sermons. making money and killing Indians. We are quite good at that, but that is a lot like your relatives killing and oppressing Palestinians. Maybe you should be a neocon. They, too, hope fr an earthly paradise. It is somewhat like AOC or Bernie's view of paradise in that it is derived ultimately from the heritage of the Trots. Bernie and AOC want to build socialism in this country as a prelude to the world and the neocons want the world NOW! NOW! Your father was a smart man. He knew when to leave Europe. My now long dead doctor Les Upton (anglicized from Ungar) was born in the Siebenburgen in Transylvania. Hungarian was his first language. His father was a jeweler who moved to the States (New York City) in the early '30s and set up shop making jewelry. Yes, They were Jews. Les learnt English and graduated high school in a year. The Hungarian embassy in DC knew his father somehow and offered Les a medical scholarship at a famous university in Hungary. His first year there was pretty good but after that things went steadily down hill as the Green Arrows grew in numbers and power. He finally decided to leave and went on a tour of the Pale of Settlement visiting all his relatives and telling them to leave. Few did and the rest died in Sobibor, etc. Les worked his way to Cherbourg where the US consul gave him travel documents and found him a berth as a dishwasher on a US freighter bound for New York. His pay was a US dime which his father set in gold as a ring. Les continued in various medical schools actually working as a waiter in NY City while doing so. That is supposed to be impossible to do. By WW2 he had a medical license and tried to join the US Navy but they wouldn't have him because they did not want Jewish doctors. The US Army did want Jewish doctors and he became George Marshall's personal attending physician. He subsequently was the personal physician for nine Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs. By accident he started treating me when, as a Lt., I happened to be in Washington for a few days and was ill and he treated me whenever I was here until he died twenty years ago. I preached the eulogy at his funeral.He believed very strongly in the essential goodness of the US unlike many of those here on SST who whine and seek to find fault with anything we do. The most irritating are people like a particular idiot who has lurked here for years writing fairly reasonable things and then suddenly leaping from ambush to write that I am an anachronistic fool who thinks that the CSA will rise again and that I also think Marshall was a dupe of the Communists. I have not, of course, ever said or thought anything like that. In typical hasbara fashion these assaults are intended to wound in the vain hope that I will desist from SST. Are you just another kind of hasbara, albeit a more sophisticated one?
Catherine - Trump's proposal is not about asylum seekers. It is about non-asylum people wishing to immigrate to the US.
The British authors sent me the document. They may choose to answer your questions.
I don't see anything wrong with the president's proposal. Legal immigration status and asylum appeals are quite different things. I don't have a dog in this fight. My ancestors all came to N. America well before there were any immigration controls. An increase in the number (%) of merit based awards of immigrant status seems reasonable to me.
Decameron The Washpost commented favorably today on Trump's legal immigration reform. Legal immigrants are presently screened against admission for criminal pasts.
Assessment by the engineering sub-team of the OPCW Fact-Finding Mission investigating the alleged chemical attack in Douma in April 2018 Paul McKeigue, David Miller, Piers Robinson Members of Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media 1 Introduction 2 Commentary on... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Catherine A well written contract contains enforceable penalties for non-performance with the money often held in escrow. That's the way I write them. Trump is using the balance of US/China trade to penalize the Chinese for reneging on the verbal and draft agreements they made with us.
Toggle Commented May 16, 2019 on "Face" By Walrus. at Sic Semper Tyrannis
William Fitzgerald The two schools should remember their shared glory. The VMI corps participated in several expeditions to round up federal raiders in SW Virginia BEFORE New Market. For some reason buried in our collective psyche we choose to remember New Market. Perhaps the dead cadets buried around Ezekiel's statue at school have something to do with that. The memory of the 55% of our alumni who died in the war has also somehow faded.
Self-delusion and denial with regards to Iran's alleged status as the leading sponsor of international terrorism are rampant in Washington and among the punditry. It is crazy, it is dishonest and it is wrong. This is not my opinion. I... Continue reading
Posted May 16, 2019 at Sic Semper Tyrannis
It is a blanket.
He can prosecute the malefactors.
And, the Valley Pike was not a dirt road in 1864. It was Macadamized.
I am not the creator of the slide show. There are a few inaccuracies in it; Scott Shipp was Commandant of Cadets, not Superintendent. The flags hanging in JM Hall are those of the states then in the Union when VMI was created, not those of the Confederate States.