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Many local agencies are sending out alerts via Nixle. The alerts you get are customized based on your ZIP code (and you can add or remove agencies as you see fit). I get alerts from my local police (as well as surrounding cities) as well as the county emergency management office. For weather, good old is still really good. They will have all the alerts for your area as well as national and regional info. For example, here is the dedicated watch page for Irene:
@gir: Prime works on the Roku. I've used it quite a bit since it came out. It even works in HD (I tested it using a preview/trailer for the British version of Being Human that was in HD). So far, though, Netflix still wins in terms of usability and selection. The Prime interface on the Roku does not organize TV series in any rational way that I can determine, although it *does* list each season of a series as a single 'group' (unlike the recent annoying change in Netflix where all seasons of a series were glommed together). You really have to use the search interface to find what you're seeking. Although, I will note that the Amazon search feature has an advantage over the Netflix search on the Roku in that you can search for actors and not just titles.
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Dec 18, 2009