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Let's see if I have this right: Uncle Jimbo files an FEC complaint. NYTimes admitted the special rate and claims it was a mistake. Then MoveOn cut an additional check--essentially admitting responsibility--that can only be in response to liability over a violation. UJ, I think it's about time for a full-on Snoopy Dance.
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2007 on NYT admits fellow traveler rate at BlackFive
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Check the trajectory link. Hey, thanks, that's a nice overview of the evidence. And I think your scenario makes pretty good sense, which no hand-held full-auto 3-round burst to the forehead does (whether at ten yards or a hundred). And given that there are multiple other impacts in the same general area, the idea that three happen to be in close proximity is less than incredible.
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2007 on Radio & Tillman update at BlackFive
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Maybe I'm missing something in this incident, but when I heard of it initially, I assumed the close grouping was the result of three aimed rounds. (Which, at a range of less than 100yds, wouldn't be particularly remarkable.) It seems most folks here are assuming the rounds came in one burst, with the target standing or in motion. If so, I'd have to agree the results are anomalous. Seems to me Occam's razor argues for a stationary target, and multiple shots (or bursts). Is there any evidence to suggest that's not the case?
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2007 on Radio & Tillman update at BlackFive
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