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What people don’t get is if the ice melts and the North Pole becomes Ice free, very Cold Air will finally tap moisture that has been protected from Siberia and northern Canada by Ice cover. Once this moisture is available areas that receive only centimeters of snow a year will receive more snow then the feeble summer sun can melt, also much of the suns energy will be reflected off the snow back into space as shortwave radiation is not effected by Co2. Hence Area’s of Northern Canada and Siberia will stay very cold all year round. This has always been an accepted theory for Ice age creation. This of course should not occur for quite some time, but global warming has accelerated it. It’s Earths feedback system. The globe will only get so warm before a feedback mechanism corrects it. In case you don’t believe that open water over the poles can produce northern glaciers ask yourself why Greenland's Ice pack never melted after the past Ice age being further south than Siberia and Northern Canada? The Relative Warm open Atlantic depositing more snow than Greenland's summer can melt. Remember the Poles are still plenty cold it’s warm water currents melting ice, this same warm water will create plenty of Snow and eventually Glaciers. one last example its like cold air passing over the open great lakes you get snow lots of it so things are far from settled.
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Oct 18, 2011