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Thomas Leavitt
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I have an existing vSphere Essentials+ deployment with three active servers and a dozen plus VMs. I would very much like to upgrade my ESXi hosts and transition our VMs off our low end SATA based NAS/SAN device onto high performance enterprise grade internal SAS storage / servers. Given that my Foundation Class vCenter license only allows me to manage three ESXi hosts, it seem to me that I'm going to have to take down my entire existing cluster, disconnect my existing ESXi hosts from vCenter, set up the VSA, etc. on the new servers, and then manually migrate my VM images off the old storage onto the VSA, and bring them up there. There's no real way around this, right? I can't leave one of the old hosts connected, and set up just two of the new ones, and then add the third new ESXi/VSA host later, right?
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