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Harstine Island, Washington
A safe harbor, a good place to enjoy the view
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I have been immersed in the impeachment hearings, rolling out of bed at wee hours I haven’t seen the likes of since 2015 when I’d have to face my nightmarish commute to work. In this case, I was still in... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Kingfisher Cove
Have a ball!! I will see you next week!
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Aloha means hello and goodbye at Stargazer
I keep gasping over the beauty of that watch. (It might be pretty draped on a Christmas tree? Just a thought.) Envious of your Maui trip and all the warm weather and sunshine (that has finally left us after such a lovely stretch). You aren't going alone, are you? Have a wonderful time!
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2019 on November 8 at Stargazer
Truckin’ along into November (my least favorite month), but I have to say that so far, it has been pretty darned stellar. Beautiful sunshine after some morning marine fog, and not frigid. Chilly, but not frigid. We’re dark early now... Continue reading
Posted Nov 5, 2019 at Kingfisher Cove
So sad (and terrifying) about the death of the 44-yo brother-in-law. Hopefully there is life insurance? I worry about non-working women because stuff like this HAPPENS. Just devastating. Beautiful trails! And oh, that spaghetti sauce! Wow!
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2019 on November at Stargazer
I remember the October shortly after we moved to Maine (when I was 17) and I was stunned, bewildered, disgusted with ALL of the Halloween "decorations" absolutely everywhere. (Mainers really take Halloween SERIOUSLY. I mean, my high school mascot were the Witches, and the school colors were orange and black). Yards full of "massacres" complete with the use of vats of ketchup for blood; stuffed "bodies" with pumpkin heads hanging from trees; beheadings; hatchets and axes embedded in jeans-clad "humans" strewn over the lawns (again with more vats of ketchup). It was obscene, and obviously competitive between neighbor and neighbor and town and town, and as much work went into it as the over-the-top billions of Christmas lights some people put up. smh
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2019 on Hibernation at Stargazer
Quinn's hair has always been more blonde than red, although in certain lighting it can have a slightly reddish tint.
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2019 on HALLOWEEN! at Kingfisher Cove
Not my favorite holiday (by far…), but I have LOVED seeing photos and videos of Quinn enjoying himself over a couple of Halloween events. Tonight was the OFFICIAL holiday, and Quinn trick-or-treated (at a mall, I think) as Little Buzz... Continue reading
Posted Oct 31, 2019 at Kingfisher Cove
This is our Nicole Lane, the little road that takes us (and our neighbors) home. Even though I’ve taken similar photos in the past, I didn’t take these. Our neighbor, Rich, did. I absolutely love paintings and photos of lanes,... Continue reading
Posted Oct 27, 2019 at Kingfisher Cove
It's just stunning to me that the "new normal" is "no consequences." I see it and hear it all around me every single day. (Like, why weren't those idiot frat-boy republican congressmen who blasted into the high-security hearing room today held accountable for something that in the past they would have been marched out the door in handcuffs?) I could go on and on. And to realize that our education system is now condoning that heinous behavior! Makes me seethe. I'm SO GLAD Ashley won her case. Glimmers of people doing the right thing (and being supported for it).
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2019 on A minor rant... at Stargazer
Lol with the garbage cans! Sounds like you're wanting more with John? I think it's normal to want a relationship to grow, evolve. Human nature. But generally it becomes clear at some point, and I hope it does for you two.
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2019 on Hard at Stargazer
I love your photos! We were out and about today and it was just lovely with all the fall colors. We're probably due soon for a big wind to blow all those leaves off the trees. THAT will be sad!
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2019 on S.A.D. at Stargazer
It’s very late Sunday night (actually Monday morning!) and I really should head to bed, but I felt like writing a post, likely a small one. TV is off (some idiotic water obstacle course atrocity competition comes on at midnight... Continue reading
Posted Oct 14, 2019 at Kingfisher Cove
It's sure been beautiful, but it makes me sad to peer out at my deck pots. They used to be gorgeous and now they are pathetic. Still a few flowers in bloom, but mostly just tired and crispy and straggly. I wish this kitten would "learn" to stay off my keyboard. I just had to erase a string of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas. (<- and there I actually typed them back in...).
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2019 on Falling into Fall at Stargazer
Marie K's comment is spot-on! He may be trying to read you, so maybe open that book a bit more. :o) And it's obvious that he REALLY cares about you! What a fun and nice guy he seems to be. I've never been to the town of Black Diamond before and it looks interesting. Another fun town is Sumner. Fun shops there, too. I have a hankering now to visit some small and quirky towns!
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2019 on About John at Stargazer
Aha! Will do!
Starting to see the color changes when we're out and about (not so much here at home with all the evergreens). I notice that the ornamental landscape trees (non-native) are the the ones that REALLY pop! Our native maples along the highways (and our road) are ultimately pretty lame with yellows and browns. Olympia is nice. I've been wanting to go into town to my favorite shop Childhood's End. No, it's not a kids' store—it has some truly exquisite and unique things, like an art gallery. I love that place! Helen's coming later this week, so especially if the weather is decent, maybe we'll venture there. Christmas gifts! Nice blouse! Is it black or navy? Fun find!
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2019 on Fallish at Stargazer
I’ve been a reading fiend lately, and we have two books assigned for our next Book Club. The reason for that is because we won’t have our next meeting until December, so we have a couple of months to read... Continue reading
Posted Oct 5, 2019 at Kingfisher Cove
Yeah, I think I'd have to somehow smudge out that apostrophe! (Grrr) Blows my mind that it's October already, but every 4th of July I always think, "Before I know, it'll be October." And boom! Mari looks so cute in front of the fire. And quite devilish taking a treat from John! Yikes! And your dad looks great—and so happy!
Toggle Commented Oct 3, 2019 on Seasons at Stargazer
“It continues to both sicken & terrify me on a daily basis to realize I live in a country where 63 million people thought this sick, selfish, broken, unbalanced, rage-filled, dishonest, criminal, racist lunatic was the best person to entrust... Continue reading
Posted Oct 2, 2019 at Kingfisher Cove
I'm always really critical with myself after I've created one of those photo books, but overall I've loved them and am SO glad I went through the effort. It's pretty much a new learning curve every time (with Shutterfly) because they change things whenever I've done one (not nearly as often as you). I sure do treasure them. I was especially glad I'd made the one for my dad's 80th birthday and then he died four months later! So sad about your neighbor. So tragic.
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2019 on Philosophizing at Stargazer
The birthday party with the cake was at Quinn's daycare. Then over the weekend, Nate and Sandra took him to Lego Land. They also had a celebration (just the three of them) at home on his birthday when Quinn opened a bunch of presents (with help). They sent me a bunch of pics and videos of that and they were fun to see.
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2019 on Everything!! at Kingfisher Cove
I'm late to your post! What a quandary with the dog and the baby and oh my. We love our dogs, but that just can't be acceptable! Jeeze. Your yard looks lovely; my deck pots look like crap. Makes me so sad because they were so stunning throughout the summer! Speaking of lovely—oh Ashley! Just wow!
Toggle Commented Sep 27, 2019 on This and That at Stargazer
So sorry about your friend! My gosh. What a tragedy. I LOVE seeing authors in person. (Remember Alexander McCall Smith? That was SO FUN!) I remember seeing Jean Auel (Clan of the Cave Bear) back in the early 80s and I was absolutely riveted. Before she started to speak to us, she sat about two rows in front of me and I kept marveling at the back of her head and all that was inside that head. Haven't read this book, but I may recommend it for Book Club tomorrow. It certainly has excellent buzz. By the way, I LOVED Circe! The dog thing has me in knots.
‘Tis the season for the Squaxon tribal fisherman to round up the salmon from their farm in front of our place and shoot off flash-bangs to scare away the seals from his nets. ‘Tis the season for our now-behind-us neighborhood... Continue reading
Posted Sep 25, 2019 at Kingfisher Cove